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TOC: ‘Clockwork Phoenix 4′ Edited by Mike Allen

Editor Mike Allen has posted the table of contents for his upcoming anthology Clockwork Phoenix 4:

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[GUEST POST] Mike Allen on Funding ‘Clockwork Phoenix 4′ Through Kickstarter

Mike Allen is the editor and publisher of the anthology series Clockwork Phoenix and the poetry journal Mythic Delirium. He was a Nebula Award finalist in 2009 for his short story “The Button Bin,” and his first collection of short fiction, The Button Bin And Other Horrors, is forthcoming from Apex Books. He and his artist wife Anita live in Roanoke, Va., where he writes the arts column for the daily newspaper.

Funding ‘Clockwork Phoenix 4′ Through Kickstarter

One of the wonderful things about the genre community, if you’re a creative type, is if you have an idea and it’s not something you could ever get a major publishing house to line up behind, you can do it yourself and folks respect you for it. Heck, it’s almost expected.

So how did I end up editing the Clockwork Phoenix trilogy, and why have I launched a Kickstarter for a volume four?
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TOC: Clockwork Phoenix 3 edited by Mike Allen

Editor Mike Allen has posted the list of stories appearing in his upcoming anthology, Clockwork Phoenix 3 (order as yet to be determined):

  • “The Gospel of Nachash” by Marie Brennan
  • “Crow Voodoo” by Georgina Bruce
  • “Braiding the Ghosts” by C.S.E. Cooney
  • “Hell Friend” by Gemma Files
  • “Lucyna’s Gaze” by Gregory Frost
  • “Where Shadows Go at Low Midnight” by John Grant ([info]realthog )
  • “Dragons of America” by Stacey Hirons
  • “Your Name Is Eve” by Michael M. Jones
  • “Fold” by Tanith Lee
  • “Eyes of Carven Emerald” by Shweta Narayan
  • “Lineage” by Kenneth Schneyer
  • “Tomorrow Is Saint Valentine’s Day” by Tori Truslow
  • “Murder in Metachronopolis” by John C. Wright
  • “Surrogates” by Cat Rambo
  • “To Seek Her Fortune” by Nicole Kornher-Stace

[Note 12/14/09: updated based on latest info]