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George R.R. Martin Uses Wordstar 4.0, Thank You Very Much

In his recent Conan appearance, Game of Thrones author George R.R. Marin reveals his secret for avoiding computer viruses…
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[Words and Pictures] Conan: Queen of the Black Coast

We’ve arrived at what’s going to be the last of these columns for a while, quite possibly for good. But we’ll get to the signing off bit at the end. First, a comic that feels kind of fitting as a coda to this whole rambling discourse about the medium.

Why fitting? Partly because it’s heroic fantasy – Conan, THE heroic fantasy some might say – and that’s a sub-genre my own prose writing has often ventured into, so it feels kind of right that I finally get around to talking about it in this here column.  Oddly, compared to horror or science fiction at least, secondary world fantasy in general is a speculative genre that hasn’t acquired really hefty traction in the comics medium.  The reasons for that aren’t entirely obvious to me, but in any case Conan is an exception, having a loooong list of comics in his history.  This volume of which we speak today is the first in a continuing run by writer Brian Wood, paired with a succession of interesting artists.

More importantly, it’s fitting because this is an adaptation of a story about a character who has been the subject (victim might be more apt) of several adaptations in the film medium. It therefore gives me a chance to parade my pro-comics bias by insisting that this is a better and more interesting adaptation than any Conan movie has been.
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Snooty, Urbane Zombies Love “The Walking Dead”

A clip from Conan that shows how zombies feel about AMC’s zombie show, The Walking Dead

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