Daniel Diehl has been a full-time writer, author and lecturer since 1995. He has written twenty historical based, non-fiction books whose subjects range from medieval warfare to cannibalism and from inventions to pirates. His current book is a fantasy novel, Revelations: book one of the Merlin Chronicles. The second book in the Merlin trilogy, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” will be released by GMTA/Mythos Publishing in May 2014.

Hard Fact to Fantasy: An Author’s Journey

by Daniel Diehl

Lord Byron once wrote “I hate things all fiction…there should always be some foundation of fact”. As a writer who spent two decades churning out twenty non-fiction books and more than 170 hours of documentary television scripts I know a fair amount about the ‘foundation of fact’ part of His Lordship’s statement. For the non-fiction writer, research is a way of life. But it was only when I began writing fantasy that I learned that a factual foundation is one of the best allies a writer of fiction could ask for.
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