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#BestMashupEver: Batman vs. Darth Vader

Of all the mashups I’ve seen, this is a pretty damn good one. Epic, even. Watch and tell me I’m wrong.

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Friday YouTube: Darth Vader Voiced By Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger

Definitely not the way it was meant to be voiced…

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If Darth Vader Was Played by Winnie the Pooh

At a convention last year, Jim Cummings — who does the voice for Winnie the Pooh — read a scene from Star Wars reading the voice of everybody’s favorite honey-loving bear for lines meant for Darth Vader. Also reading is another voice actor, Lauren Landa.

The result is hilarious.

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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Star Wars #1 by Brian Wood and Carlos D’Anda

REVIEW SUMMARY: The first issue of Dark Horse Comics latest Star Wars offering, returning to the characters from the original film.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Shortly after the battle at Yavin IV, both the rebellion and the empire struggle to recover from their losses and make headway in their campaigns. A rebel scouting party is ambushed, leading to the conclusion that something threatens the rebellion from within.

PROS: An interesting glimpse at our heroes, and some great scenes communicating just what a galactic rebellion entails.
CONS: Uneven pacing, with a lot of soul-searching and catch-up information interrupting the narrative and sapping the story of momentum. By issue’s end the story has barely started. It fails to feel like a continuation of the movie.
BOTTOM LINE: An imperfect first issue showing hints of promise, but its too early to judge. Not quite up to the standards Dark Horse has maintained with the property.

Warning: spoilers ahead.
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Friday YouTube: Salty Darth Vader

I’ve seen sand artists before, but this is the first artist I’ve seen who uses table salt. Besides Darth Vader, he’s also “salted” Harry Potter. This guy should go on tour with the bacon AT-AT.

A Star Wars Parody Video About A Viral Video That Mentions Star Wars

Wouldn’t it be cool if Darth Vader could talk with his 12 year-old self? That’s what happens in this parody video:
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VIDEO: How To Annoy Darth Vader

Things that make me smile: This trailer for the Star Wars Kinect game

[via Gavin Rothery]

Friday YouTube: Dogs Barking Darth Vader’s Theme

Cribbed from just about everywhere, but too cute to ignore.

Darth Vader Can Give You Driving Directions

SciFi Wire posted this video that has to be shared. It’s a commercial for the Tom Tom GPS system that uses Darth Vader’s voice to give you driving directions. This is Vader’s recording session…