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STARHUNT by David Gerrold (Excerpt and Giveaway!)

David Gerrold’s website recently got a makeover to highlight the twelve classic works that have been made available in eBook format.

One of those books is Starhunt and we’re pleased to be able to offer a Starhunt giveaway for SF Signal readers!

Winners will receive an eBook copy of Starhunt *and* a chance to select FOUR additional eBooks from David’s 12 new releases. (The eBooks will be in PDF format.)

Are you not familiar with Starhunt? Here’s what it’s about:

Only an endless space war could have produced the Roger Burlingame. A war that had caused Earth to turn starships into instruments of total destruction. A war that had so drained Earth of resources that the Roger Burlingame was kept in service long after it should have been scrapped.

Now, light years from Earth, the great starship had sighted a quarry almost certain to defeat it in a fair fight. The captain’s nerve was gone; the crew were on the verge of mutiny. And command had passed to a fanatical young first officer hungry for his first kill.

War had turned into hell—and this was a voyage of the damned…

Originally published as Yesterday’s Children.

Find out how to win after the exceprt!
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A Host of Classic SF/F Author Interviews From the Hour 25 Radio Show (Butler! Powers! Silverberg! And More!)

YouTube user Th9Dave has been posting some gems lately. In addition to the recent audio memorial of
Charles Beaumont by Harlan Ellison, Richard Matheson, Roger Anker, and Chris Beaumont, he’s posted even more. These come from Hour 25, a radio program focusing on science fiction, fantasy, and science that ran from 1972 to 2000. It has been hosted at various times by Mike Hodel, Harlan Ellison, Steven Barnes, Arthur Byron Cover, and J. Michael Straczynski.

Below you can find audio interview snippets with Steven Barnes, Octavia Butler, Terry Dowling, David Gerrold, Tim Powers and Jim Blaylock, and Robert Silverberg.

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