I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately on the importance of “Convention culture”, of how wonderful it is to have face-to-face conversations with fans, authors, editors, and people you’ve only interacted with on twitter or over e-mail.  I even started writing this month’s column on that topic. Something that always comes up in this type of conversation is that going to conventions isn’t cheap, but we make it happen anyway, because it’s important to us.  Through no planning on my part, these conversations tended to occur with people who are like me: they have enough disposable income to attend conventions, and they are Caucasian. It may be politically incorrect to say so, but the conventions I have been to have been pretty pale skinned.

Finances shouldn’t be a barrier. Being a minority at a convention shouldn’t be a barrier. If you are a fan, and convention culture is important to you, nothing should be a barrier. So instead of smugly talking about how great it is for me to be able to travel all over the place and attend Conventions and how I blend right in, I instead have for you an interview with Kate Nepveu, the organizer of Con or Bust, the organization that removes such barriers.  People, this is important.
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