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[Sunday Cinema] Arthur C. Clarke Presents: Fractals – The Colors Of Infinity

I’ve had a secret love affair with fractals ever since Clifford Pickover first introduced me to them years ago through his book Mazes for the Mind. I always found the idea of fractals amazing and beautiful at the same time. (Kind of like banana cream pie, only more meaningful to reality.) My love affair with Fractals progressed over the years, particularly in playing with programs such as Fractint and, more recently, Frax.

Perhaps that’s why I find this Arthur C. Clarke-narrated documentary so fascinating. It’s called Fractals – The Colors Of Infinity and you can watch it right here…

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VIDEO: Conversations with Booksellers

Whatever may be happening in the book business, there’s no denying that the book store still plays an important role in American society. And while the American bookstore may be “on the ropes,” it would be premature to count it out altogether. Conversations with Booksellers is a brief documentary that examines innovations currently blooming in traditional bookstores across the country, from goliaths like Powell’s City of Books to a tiny mom and pop operation in New Orleans. As the interviews with the owners of these stores reveals, it’s not all doom and gloom on the brick-and-mortar side of the book business. In fact, there’s still a lot to be said for the value of face-to-face interaction with customers.
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VIDEO: In Search of Steve Ditko

Legendary comic book illustrator/scribe Steve Ditko, most famously known as the co-creator of Spider-Man, is the subject of the Jonathan Ross documentary.
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