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…And Another Thing: Let’s Talk About eBooks

I work for an eBook publishing company based in the Philippines, so last week’s announcements regarding eBooks piqued my curiosity.

Everyone is probably concerned about the iPad Mini, but I first want to talk about iBooks 3. Or rather, the ecosystem that surrounds it. Many Americans take for granted that they can purchase eBooks from most major online retailers; people outside of the US and the UK, however, don’t have that luxury; Kobo’s the most reasonable alternative (and supports PayPal), while Amazon charges $2.00 extra in a lot of countries. Purchasing eBooks in iTunes can be a farce depending on which country you’re in. In the Philippines for example, only Public Domain books are available. If you want to buy eBooks in iTunes, you need to be in one of the 50 countries (previously 32) being supported by Apple. The announcement that eBooks can now be purchased in Latin America expands the readership outside of the typical US/UK sphere (assuming, of course, the publisher allows their eBooks to be sold in those territories).

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