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REVIEW: Repo Men by Eric Garcia

REVIEW SUMMARY: One of this reviewer’s first forays into gritty SF. It was a good enough experience that it won’t be her last.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A former repossession specialist hides out from his old co-workers who’d like to repossess his artificial heart.

PROS: Fascinating protagonist with very interesting life, great narrative style
CONS: Some crass scenes, light world-building
BOTTOM LINE: A decent amount of action and a fascinating crew of characters make Repo Man a worthwhile read.

The unnamed protagonist of Repo Men (originally published as Repossession Mambo) is typing his memoirs on an old Underwood typewriter in an abandoned hotel. ¬†Once a level five repo man, charged with repossessing the artificial organs of those who stopped making payments for the Credit Union (and others), he’s now on the run, having his own artificial organ and unable to pay the extremely high interest rates.

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