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BOOK REVIEW: Ever After by Kim Harrison

REVIEW SUMMARY: While I wouldn’t recommend Ever After as a starting point for new fans, it will more than satisfy current fans of the Hollows series.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: In the 11th installment of the Hollows series, Rachel must fix the ley lines and stop one of the most powerful demons ever in order to save demonkind, and herself

PROS: Lots of action, angst, bombshells…and gargoyles!
CONS: Honestly? No complaints here! Loved it!
BOTTOM LINE: Tension-filled and action packed, Ever After is one of my favorites in the series so far!

As Ever After opens, we find Rachel heading off to Chicago’s Carew Towers to meet Quen, Trent Kalamack’s right hand man, for what Rachel suspects is a job offer. Well, it is, of sorts, but it’s not quite what Rachel had in mind. Quen is afraid that, with his new responsibilities as a father to his and Ceri’s daughter, Ray, and also to Trent’s daughter Lucy, he’s not able to provide the level of security for Trent that he’s managed in the past, and he’s asking for Rachel’s help. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you already know that Rachel and Trent have a long, very complicated history, and Rachel is adamantly opposed to the idea. She doesn’t quite trust Trent, plus she’s pretty sure that Trent would be insulted if he found out about Quen’s offer.

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