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FILM REVIEW: Evil Dead (2013)

REVIEW SUMMARY: Dumb, noisy, and ultimately pointless reboot of Sam Raimi’s groundbreaking picture shows as much life as the revenants shambling across the screen.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Five friends meet at a derelict cabin in the woods, where one finds an ancient book deep within a cellar strewn with decaying animal carcasses.  When one utters an incantation scrawled in its pages, it summons the demons living in the woods.

PROS: Occasionally interesting shots.
CONSs: Generic characters and situations; strained pace; fumbled misdirection; routine direction; underfinished screenplay; poor nods to the earlier movies.
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TRAILER: The Red Band Trailer for the Evil Dead Remake is Here

Okay.  First – this is Not Safe For Work.

Second.  Whoa.  You can do a lot when you have an actual budget…

Check it out after the jump.

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This is My Boomstick! An Animated Tribute To Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead” Films

Daniel Kanemoto has put together this fantastic animated tribute to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films. Says the filmmaker:

This is my cinematic love letter to three influential movies that made me want to be a filmmaker: EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2, and ARMY OF DARKNESS.
I created all the artwork in the sequence, but the final image is directly inspired by an incredible EVIL DEAD poster created by Olly Moss. The moment I saw it, I only wanted to see it move – which is how I feel about all great posters. The new wave of artists working with Mondo have made movie posters worth collecting again, and that’s a great thing. I hope to someday join their ranks.

The Olly Moss poster is shown here. (There are plenty more awesome posters at the artist’s website.)

Here’s Kanemoto’s trailer.
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Friday Video: Claymation ‘Evil Dead’

Does what it says on the tin, except the tin forgets to say it rocks.

[via Techland]