We’re pleased to be able to bring you an excerpt from Samit Basu’s novel, Resistance!

Here’s what the book is about:

In 2020, eleven years after the passengers of flight BA142 from London to Delhi developed extraordinary abilities corresponding to their innermost desires, the world is overrun with supers. Some use their powers for good, others for evil, and some just want to pulverize iconic monuments and star in their own reality show. But now, from New York to Tokyo, someone is hunting down supers, killing heroes and villains both, and it’s up to the Unit to stop them…

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We’re pleased to be able to bring you an excerpt from Steven S. Drachman’s novel, Watt O’Hugh Underground!

Here’s what the book is about:


Watt O’Hugh the Third has been many things in his life: Time Roamer, Civil War soldier, orphan of the New York slums, Wild West dime novel hero, and the only true love of the beautiful socialite Lucy Billings.

But by August of 1878, he is naught but a wanted fugitive, a drunken wreck and an angry army of one. Spending his days in the shade of an abandoned Death Valley shack, poring over maps, imagining a way to destroy his enemies and march out of their city carrying their heads on flaming spears. Plotting a solo military conquest that he knows cannot and will not ever succeed.

Until the day that Hester Smith beats down his such-as-it-is door and offers him his dreams of revenge against the monstrous Sidonian regime that has destroyed his life — and one last chance at redemption.

But first there is the matter of a rather urgent train robbery with which she needs his help, and, more to the point, the help of his ghosts…

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We’re pleased to once again bring you an excerpt, this time from James Lovegrove’s new novel, Sherlock Holmes: Gods of War (available this week from Titan Books)!

Here’s what the book is about:

1913. The clouds of war are gathering. The world’s great empires vie for supremacy. Europe is in turmoil, a powder keg awaiting a spark. A body is discovered on the shore below Beachy Head, just a mile from Sherlock Holmes’s retirement cottage. The local police are satisfied that it’s a suicide. The victim, a young man, recently suffered a disappointment in love, and Beachy Head is notorious as a place where the desperate and depressed leap to their deaths. Holmes, however, suspects murder. As he and Watson investigate, they uncover a conspiracy with shocking ramifications.

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We’re pleased to bring you an excerpt from Kieran Shea’s new novel, Koko Takes a Holiday (available this week from Titan Books)!

Here’s what the book is about:

Five hundred years from now, ex-corporate mercenary Koko Martstellar is swaggering through an early retirement as a brothel owner on The Sixty Islands, a manufactured tropical resort archipelago known for its sex and simulated violence. Surrounded by slang-drooling boywhores and synthetic komodo dragons, the most challenging part of Koko’s day is deciding on her next drink. That is, until her old comrade Portia Delacompte sends a squad of security personnel to murder her.

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We’re pleased to be able to bring SF Signal readers this excerpt from the new book Ecko Burning by Danie Ware, the sequel to Ecko Rising.

Here’s how the book is described:

Ruthless and ambitious, Lord Phylos has control of Fhaveon city, and is using her forces to bring the grasslands under his command. His last opponent is an elderly scribe who’s lost his best freind and wants only to do the right thing.

Seeking weapons, Ecko and his companions follow a trail of myth and rumour to a ruined city where both nightmare and shocking truth lie in wait.

When all of these things come together, the world will change beyond recognition.

Back in London, the Bard is offered the opportunity to realise everything he has ever wanted – if he will give up his soul.

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We’re pleased to be able to bring SF Signal readers this excerpt from the new book Hot Lead, Cold Iron by Ari Marmell, the first in an exciting new fantasy detective series.

Here’s how the book is described:

Hot Lead, Cold Iron is the first novel in a brand-new fantasy detective series that will appeal to fans of Rivers of London and The Dresden Files

Chicago, 1932. Mick Oberon may look like just another private detective, but beneath the fedora and the overcoat, he’s got pointy ears and he’s packing a wand.

Oberon’s used to solving supernatural crimes, but the latest one’s extra weird. A mobster’s daughter was kidnapped sixteen years ago, replaced with a changeling, and Mick’s been hired to find the real child. The trail’s gone cold, but what there is leads Sideways, to the world of the Fae, where the Seelie Court rules. And Mick’s not really welcome in the Seelie Court any more. He’ll have to wade through Fae politics and mob power struggles to find the kidnapper – and of course it’s the last person he expected.

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Check out this excerpt from the new weird west anthology Dead Man’s Hand edited by John Joseph Adams. It’s from a story by one of the contributors, Walter Jon Williams.

Here’s how the anthology is described:


From a kill-or-be-killed gunfight with a vampire to an encounter in a steampunk bordello, the weird western is a dark, gritty tale where the protagonist might be playing poker with a sorcerous deck of cards, or facing an alien on the streets of a dusty frontier town.

Here are twenty-three original tales—stories of the Old West infused with elements of the fantastic—produced specifically for this volume by many of today’s finest writers. Included are Orson Scott Card’s first “Alvin Maker” story in a decade, and an original adventure by Fred Van Lente, writer of Cowboys & Aliens.

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We’re pleased to bring you an excerpt from Daryl Gregory’s new novel, Afterparty (available today from Tor Books), which gives whole new meaning to the term “designer drugs”.

Here’s how the book is described:

It begins in Toronto, in the years after the smart drug revolution. Any high school student with a chemjet and internet connection can download recipes and print drugs, or invent them. A seventeen-year-old street girl finds God through a new brain-altering drug called Numinous, used as a sacrament by a new Church that preys on the underclass. But she is arrested and put into detention, and without the drug, commits suicide.

Lyda Rose, another patient in that detention facility, has a dark secret: she was one of the original scientists who developed the drug. With the help of an ex-government agent and an imaginary, drug-induced doctor, Lyda sets out to find the other three survivors of the five who made the Numinous in a quest to set things right.

A mind-bending and violent chase across Canada and the US, Daryl Gregory’s Afterparty is a marvelous mix of William Gibson’s Neuromancer, Philip K. Dick’s Ubik, and perhaps a bit of Peter Watts’s Starfish: a last chance to save civilization, or die trying.

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We have a treat for readers today.

Hot off the heels of the exclusive cover reveal (and giveaway) of Carrie Patel’s The Buried Life comes this excerpt of the book.

To set the mood, here’s the book description, which will be available from Angry Robot in July:

The gaslight and shadows of the underground city of Recoletta hide secrets and lies. When Inspector Liesl Malone investigates the murder of a renowned historian, she finds herself stonewalled by the all-powerful Directorate of Preservation – Ricoletta’s top-secret historical research facility.

When a second high-profile murder threatens the very fabric of city society, Malone and her rookie partner Rafe Sundar must tread carefully, lest they fall victim to not only the criminals they seek, but the government which purports to protect them. Knowledge is power, and power must be preserved at all costs…

EXTRA BONUS: After the excerpt, feast your eyes on John Coulthart‘s cover art for the sequel, Cities & Thrones!

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Out this week from Titan Books is Coldbrook by Tim Lebbon and SF Signal brings you an exciting excerpt!

Here’s what the book is about:

Coldbrook is a secret laboratory located deep in Appalachian Mountains. Its scientists had achieved the impossible: a gateway to a new world. Theirs was to be the greatest discovery in the history of mankind, but they had no idea what they were about to unleash.

With their breakthrough comes disease and now it is out and ravaging the human population. The only hope is a cure and the only cure is genetic resistance: an uninfected person amongst the billions dead.

In the chaos of destruction there is only one person that can save the human race.

But will they find her in time?

Following is an excerpt from Coldbrook
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Excerpt: THE IRON JACKAL by Chris Wooding

Out this week from Titan Books is The Iron Jackal by Chris Wooding and SF Signal brings you an exciting excerpt!

Here’s what the book is about:

A big slice of non-stop, action-packed, wise-cracking fun from the Ketty Jay, and Captain Darien Frey.

Things are finally looking good for Captain Frey and his crew. The Ketty Jay has been fixed up good as new.

They’ve got their first taste of fortune and fame. And, just for once, nobody is trying to kill them.

In fact, she’s offered them a job – one that will take them deep into the desert heart of Samarla, the land of their ancient enemies. To a place where the secrets of the past lie in wait for the unwary. Even Trinica Dracken, Frey’s ex-fiancée and long-time nemesis, has given up her quest for revenge.

Secrets that might very well cost Frey everything.

Join the crew of the Ketty Jay on their greatest adventure yet: a story of mayhem and mischief, roof-top chases and death-defying races, murderous daemons, psychopathic golems and a particularly cranky cat.

This time, Frey’s in a race against the clock for the ultimate prize: to save his own life.

Following is an excerpt from The Iron Jackal
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Exclusive Excerpt: NO HERO by Jonathan Wood

Out this week from Titan Books is No Hero by Jonathan Wood and SF Signal brings you an exclusive excerpt!

Here’s what the book is about:

Oxford police detective Arthur Wallace is no hero. He’s a good cop, but prefers for action and heroics remain on the screen, safely performed by professionals. But then, secretive government agency MI37 comes calling, hoping to recruit Arthur in their struggle against horrors from another dimension known as the Progeny. Can an everyman stand against sanity-ripping cosmic horrors?

Following is an excerpt from No Hero
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This month, Titan has published Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes edited by George Mann, a brand-new collection of Sherlock Holmes stories exciting voices in modern horror and steampunk.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the stories from that anthology: “The Snowtorn Terror” by Justin Richards…
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We’re pleased to bring to you today an exceprt from Richard Ellis Preston, Jr.’s ne wsteampunk novel, Romulus Buckle & The Engines of War, sequel to Romulus Buckle & the City of the Founders.

Here is the book description:

The frozen wasteland of Snow World—known as Southern California before an alien invasion decimated civilization—is home to warring steampunk clans. Crankshafts, Imperials, Tinskins, Brineboilers, and many more all battle one another for precious supplies, against ravenous mutant beasts for basic survival, and with the mysterious Founders for their very freedom.

Through this ruined world soars the Pneumatic Zeppelin, captained by the daring Romulus Buckle. In the wake of a nearly suicidal assault on the Founders’ prison city to rescue key military leaders, both the steam-powered airship and its crew are bruised and battered. Yet there’s little time for rest or repairs: Founders raids threaten to shatter the fragile alliance Buckle has risked everything to forge among the clans.

Even as he musters what seems a futile defense in the face of inevitable war, Buckle learns that the most mysterious clan of all is holding his long-lost sister in a secret base—and that she holds the ultimate key to victory over the Founders. But rescuing her means abandoning his allies and praying they survive long enough for there to be an alliance to return to.

And here is the excerpt. Enjoy!
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[EXCERPT] Sherlock Holmes: The Will of the Dead by George Mann

Settle in, dear reader. We have for you today an excerpt from George Mann’s new novel, Sherlock Holmes: The Will of the Dead.

Here’s the book description:

A young man named Peter Maugram appears at the front door of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson’s Baker Street lodgings. Maugram’s uncle is dead and his will has disappeared, leaving the man afraid that he will be left penniless. Holmes agrees to take the case and he and Watson dig deep into the murky past of this complex family.

A brand-new Sherlock Holmes novel from the acclaimed author of the Newbury & Hobbes series.

Read on for an excerpt…
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Roger Bellini owns and runs a fantasy review website. He works as a promotional manager for a local movie theater and is the 2014 Con Chairman for MystiCon, the premiere convention in Southwest Virgina. He discovered his love of writing early in life and earned his BA in English in 2009. Currently he is hard at work on his debut novel and actively involved with several different anthology projects, one of which being a collaborative project with Ragnarok Publications.

Neverland’s Library: Fantasy is a Reality

by Roger Bellini

Hey, my name is Roger. Many of you lovely readers probably have no idea who I am, and that’s perfectly fine! At this time last year I had absolutely no connection to the wonderful Sci-Fi/Fantasy writing community. I was an everyday guy with who just happened to read too much. I went from there to where I am now – editing an anthology with several of my favorite authors.
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Today marks the release of Titan Books’ Wold Newton anthology, Tales of the Wold Newton Universe. Edited by Win Scott Eckert and Christopher Paul Carey, the book collects, for the first time ever in one volume, SF Grand Master Philip José Farmer‘s Wold Newton short stories, as well as tales by other Farmerian writers.

The extensive introduction by Eckert (coauthor with Farmer of the Wold Newton novel The Evil in Pemberley House) and Carey (coauthor with Farmer of the Khokarsa novel The Song of Kwasin) provides an overview of Farmer’s Wold Newton Family and Mythos. In addition, the editors provide brief introductions to the stories themselves, explaining why each entry is a Wold Newton tale. (See also: the table of contents.)

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Fans of Ian C. Esslemont’s Malazan series will be pleased to know that thge newest book in the series has just been released.

Blood and Bone is described like this:

In the western sky the bright emerald banner of the Visitor descends like a portent of annihilation. On the continent of Jacuruku, the Thaumaturgs have mounted yet another expedition to tame the neighboring wild jungle. Yet this is no normal wilderness. It is called Himatan, and it is said to be half of the spirit realm and half of the earth. And it is said to be ruled by a powerful entity whom some name the Queen of Witches, and some a goddess: the ancient Ardata.

Saeng grew up knowing only the rule of the magus Thaumaturgs—but it was the voices out of that land’s forgotten past that she listened to. And when her rulers mount an invasion of the neighboring jungle, those voices send her and her brother on a desperate mission.

To the south, the desert tribes are united by the arrival of a foreign warleader, a veteran commander in battered ashen mail whom his men call the Grey Ghost. This warleader takes the tribes on a raid like none other, deep into the heart of Thaumaturg lands. Meanwhile word comes to K’azz, and mercenary company the Crimson Guard, of a contract in Jacuruku. And their employer…none other than Ardata herself.

Ian Esslemont thrills again with another gripping entry into the New York Times bestselling Malazan World in Blood and Bone.

Sound interesting?

We asked Ian to give us some insight into some aspect of Blood and Bone. Here’s what he said:
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Unburning Alexandria is the sequel to The Plot to Save Socrates by Paul Levinson, now available from JoSara MeDia, first in eBook then in print.

Here is what the book is about:

Mid-twenty-first century time traveler Sierra Waters, fresh from her mission to save Socrates from the hemlock, is determined to alter history yet again, by saving the ancient Library of Alexandria – where 750,000 one-of-a-kind texts were lost, an event described by many as “one of the greatest intellectual catastrophes in history.”

Along the way she will encounter old friends such as William Henry Appleton, the great 19th-century American publisher, and enemies like the enigmatic time-traveling inventor Heron of Alexandria. Her quest will involve such other real historic personages as Hypatia, Cleopatra’s sister Arsinoe, Ptolemy the astronomer, and St. Augustine – again placing her friends, her loved ones, and herself in deadly jeopardy.

In this sequel to the THE PLOT TO SAVE SOCRATES, award-winning author Paul Levinson offers another time-traveling adventure spanning millennia, full of surprising twists and turns, all the while attempting the seemingly impossible: UNBURNING ALEXANDRIA.

Read on to read an excerpt from Unburning Alexandria.

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I Am Automaton is Edward P. Cardillo’s new near-future adventure and we’ve got a free excerpt!

Here is what the book is about:

In the near future, terrorists and drug cartels threaten the security of a United States reeling from the Rollercoaster Recession, escalating unemployment, and air saturated with toxic pollen. Sergeant Peter Birdsall’s squad is wiped out by the Navajas cartel in Tijuana thanks to a tip from a mole within. The only survivor, he is recruited into the army’s mysterious infantry drone program by Major Lewis, who promises that the program will revolutionize the war on terror and the cartels. While Peter is trained in the use of these infantry drones to hunt down enemies of freedom in normally inaccessible terrain, his younger egg-head brother, Carl, can no longer afford college. Tempted to follow in his older brother’s footsteps, Carl considers enlisting. Now, Peter must balance the dangers of his work with keeping his brother out of harm’s way. However, Carl, like the drones, has a mind of his own.

“Edward P. Cardillo offers readers a great read filled with action, thrills, danger, fear, horror and a touch of romance.The pace is fast and the action tight…I am not easily frightened but Cardillo left me checking in the closets and under the bed.” 5/5 Stars, Anne B. for Readers’ Favorite

“I loved it.” Pulitzer Prize nominee and Emmy winner John Ford Noonan

Read on to read an excerpt from I Am Automaton, a winner of the Readers’ Favorite International Book Award… (And don’t forget the giveaway of 2 autographed copies!)

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