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Words and Pictures: Prophet

A while back, I said 2012 was notable for two things in comicsworld: Image Comics and sf.  (Advance publication schedules suggest 2013 will also be notable for two things, btw: Image Comics and sf.)

I also said Saga, flagship of the trend, was a certainty for a Hugo nomination and a potential winner.  Still true.  If Saga doesn’t get a graphic story Hugo nomination I’d be a bit uncertain about the point of the category, to be honest (but I’m sure it will, so no worries).  If it doesn’t win … well, tastes vary and webcomics have a heavy advantage over print.  But it’s certainly the most accomplished sf/fantasy comic, of the broadest appeal, I saw last year.

So Saga’s probably my favourite 2013 Hugo-eligible comic.  But only by the narrowest of margins, because it was not the most unexpected, exhilarating, deep-genre Hugo-eligible comic I’ve read.  That prize goes to yet another Image sf product: Prophet.

It too would be a worthy nominee or even winner of the Hugo.  It won’t win, may well not get nominated (but there’s still time to get those nominations in!), because not enough people are reading it; it’s nevertheless remarkable, and feels more deeply rooted in the soil of the sf genre – prose, film, everything – than any comic I’ve read in a while.

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