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Interview: CJ Cherryh Talks About Her Foreigner Series and Bringing It To Audio

If you’re a sci-fi fan, you’ve probably heard of CJ Cherryh. She has written more than 60 books since the 70s, is a multiple Hugo Award winner, and has an asteroid named after her. Her extremely popular Foreigner series is headed to audio, courtesy of Sable Jak and Audio Cinema Entertainment, and CJ was kind enough to answer a few of my questions.

Here’s more about the project via Sable Jak:

It was pure chance mixed with a “what-the-hell-the-worst-she-can-do-is-say-no” attitude on my part. In a conversation on a Facebook post I asked CJ if she’d ever thought of doing the Foreigner books as audio drama. NOT as audio books with one reader and silence behind him/her, but as a full-cast, full sound, fully scored audio drama. That’s the business I’m in both in my part time job with Jim French Productions, Inc. (www.jimfrenchproductions.com) and with my own little company, Sebastian T Sweet Productions (www.sablejak.com).

CJ’s answer was that no one had ever approached her.

So I did.

The project (at this point it’s just the first trilogy of the series) is too big for my little company and too extensive for Jim French Prodco but I knew the people behind the “Captain Huson” project; Audio Cinema Entertainment (www.audiocei.com) and knew they could handle it so I contacted them.

We talked more with CJ and her agent and created a demo out of scenes that she liked, and I also created a few scenes to show her would we could do sound effects wise. We recorded it, edited and mixed it and presented it to her. She and her agent said yes.

As an author myself (as is Tim Knofler with ACE) we offered CJ a contract we like to think most authors would kill for: She has final say on the script, the main character voices and input in artwork, sound, etc.

Right now we’re actively building a base so that when we go onto Kickstarter to raise the money to do the project we can rely on them to help get the word out.

Kristin Centorcelli: The first trilogy of your Foreigner Universe series will soon be produced as an audio drama! Will you tell us a little bit about the project?

CJ Cherryh: Well, it started when Sable Jak asked me if I’d ever sold audio rights, and there it went.

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