Here’s a trio of books coming out soon that would get bounced to top of my TBR priority list!

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VIDEO: DUNE by Frank Herbert (Thug Notes)

This is, hands down, the best summary and analysis of Frank Herbert’s Dune I’ve ever seen.

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When I saw David Lynch’s Dune in the theater (yes, I’m that old), I remember that the filmmakers were so worried that moviegoers wouldn’t understand what was going on, that they had theaters hand out crib sheets of many of the terms used in the film. When the film hit television, it was re-cut to include an extended opening – a painted montage sequence that was not approved by the director.

Here now, in all its painted glory, is that opening sequence.

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Author/Screenwriter Harlan Ellison and Film Critic David Ansen discuss their thoughts on David Lynch’s Dune, the 1984 adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel. Taken from the “Impressions of Dune” documentary on the Dune DVD from Sanctuary Visual Entertainment.

[via SFFaudio]