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BOOK REVIEW: Dark Shepherd – The Art of Fred Gambino (Plus: Giveaway!)

REVIEW SUMMARY: A look at Titan Books’ upcoming collection of illustration and concept art from artist Fred Gambino.


PROS: Rich, colorful eye-candy for fans of science fiction art (with a tiny bit of fantasy as well); high-resolution images, several full-page illustrations; book features a fair amount of commentary from the artist.
CONS: Art seldom agrees with everyone’s personal tastes; book won’t be out for another month…so those impatient to see if for themselves may have to wait (or perhaps not).

BRIEF SUMMARY: The Art of Fred Gambino: Dark Shepherd features a variety of concept art covering the last several years of the artist’s career. It demonstrates the range of Gambino’s talent with large, high-resolution images with color so rich it pops off the pages. Titan Books has put together another stunning collection of art and packaged it in a volume well worth the cover price.

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