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FTL is a game by Subset Games published in 2012 (with all-new game expansions published in April 2014). It’s a space exploration and combat game with much of the challenge coming from resource allocation problems.

You are the captain of a Federation ship that has vital information about the war against the Rebels. You have to race ahead of the Rebel fleet to reach a Federation base that can make use of the information.
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Doctor Who And The Long Season Of Waiting: Was It Worth It?

Following the last season of Doctor Who Series 6 (aired in the sates by BBC America), Stephen Moffat and the BBC announced that the new/next/2012 season would not air until the Fall. This didn’t sit well with a lot of fans of the show, including me. It felt like a really long break to take, which meant that when the show came back, it would need to rebuild the momentum from the previous seasons, and deliver some truly strong episodes to propel it forward into the 50th anniversary year.

Did it?

I’m not so sure…

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Game Trailer Smackdown: Grimlands vs. Otherland vs. FTL

Usually we at SF Signal will bring you the occasional Book Cover Smackdown or post a movie trailer. We don’t usually cover video games that much and so, to rectify that oversight, we’re mashing up the two together to bring you the first ever game trailer smackdown!

Video games always have trailers now days, many with pre-rendered with CGI scenes that give you a flavor of the game without showing actual game play. While intriguing, trailers that show the actual game in action are much more interesting.
We have three interesting game trailers for you today. First up, Grimlands.

Grimlands, from Gamingo, is a post-apocalyptic shooter (MMO? Who knows.) that will include such things as guild towns, PvP and vehicles, among other things. The video makes it look like a cross between Borderlands and Fallout, both exceptionally fine games. Will Grimlands live up to those games? Probably not, but there’s no reason it can’t be fun. However, the current apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth isn’t doing too well so I’m not sure how big the MMO space is for those games not named Fallout (which I would totally play).
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