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Clarion 2012 Releases Fundraiser Anthology

The Clarion class of 2012 is putting together a fundraiser anthology called The Red Volume that’s available for pre-order now at awkwardrobots.org.

Press release follows…


The Clarion class of 2012—known as the Awkward Robots—want to tell you a story. Or, more precisely, 17 stories. About post-singularity dreamscapes, gentrified haunted houses, and redcaps in the trenches at Verdun.

The Red Volume is a collection of stories largely written and revised during the Clarion Foundation’s fundraising write-a-thon, which runs concurrently with the workshop. The anthology will be available this September on a pay-what-you-can basis. Readers can snag a copy for free, or donate any amount from 99 cents up. All proceeds benefit the Clarion Foundation.

AwkBot Luke R. Pebler, whose fiction most recently appeared in the Sword and Laser anthology, proposed the idea to his cohort following a successful reading at WisCon 38. Awkward Robots Read was so well-received, Pebler wanted to put that momentum to good use. The result is a a collection of stories by writers previously published in Lightspeed, Shimmer, Strange Horizons, The New Yorker, and more. The table of contents includes Carmen Maria Machado, winner of the Richard Yates Short Fiction Prize, and Sam J. Miller, recent recipient of the Shirley Jackson Award.

But it takes more than good writing to build an anthology; AwkBot Emma Cosh holds down a day job in graphic design, and Sarah Mack (whose latest story appears in Gone Lawn 15) is a master of eBook distribution. Together, the ‘Bots have created a slick, stylish anthology packed with arresting prose.

Jeffrey Ford, winner of the Nebula, Shirley Jackson and World Fantasy Awards, will write The Red Volume‘s introduction. Ford taught week one of Clarion 2012, and fondly refers to the AwkBots as “a bunch of chuckleheads.” You couldn’t ask for a better endorsement.

The Red Volume is available for pre-order at awkwardrobots.org. Follow @AwkBots2012 on Twitter for updates.

A Worthwhile Fundraiser: Jay Lake’s NIH Trial

Author Jay Lake is undergoing an NIH trial to save his life. A fundraiser has been started by Shlomi Harif to help offset the cost of the treatment and associated costs.

Says Jay:

It must be the season or something. I’m back off to NIH on Tuesday for surgery followed by some extensive and fairly brutal immunotherapy. As recently discussed, this is a very expensive process for me and my family. Not the treatments themselves, which are covered by NIH at no cost to me, but the expense of having my caregivers in Maryland for five weeks while I am being treated. Not to mention the expense already incurred during our two-week visit for enrollment.

Premiums are still being organized. There has been some excellent generosity from various donors, and I’ve put a dozen copies of The January Machine in myself. Hopefully by Monday that will all be up on the fundraising site.

I have very mixed feelings about tapping the generosity of my friends and fans again, but this is where we are. Still fighting for my life, slowly losing, but trying everything we can.

Details on the fundraiser are here.

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Diverse Worlds Grant Fundraiser

Do you support diversity in science fiction and fantasy? If so, you will want to know that two publicist, Ellen B. Wright (with Orbit) and Faye Bi (with Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) will be running the NYC Marathon to raise money to start a Diverse Worlds Grant, administered by the Speculative Literature Foundation, aimed at helping writers from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the genre to start and continue publishing.

Read more details about the Diverse Worlds Grant fundraiser after the jump….
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Starting Today! Fantastic Fiction at KGB 2013 Kickstarter Fundraiser

If you are ever in New York City, the KGB reading series started by Ellen Datlow and Matt Kressel is a fantasic destination; it’s held in a cozy environment with good people and is a great way to spend some time.

Ellen and Matt will be holding a fundraiser starting today on Kickstarter to keep the series going. It’s a worthwhile project, so check it out Details follow…
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Jim C. Hines Strikes a Pose for Charity

Author and Hugo Award-winning fan writer Jim C. Hines, he of the Women and Fantasy Covers post, is at it again…only this time in the name of charity.

Jim has launched an annual fundraiser to benefit the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation. What he’s offering is brand new cover poses like the one above. The more that’s donated, the more he’ll do. John Scalzi is in on this and figures into the tiered poses.

Check out Jim’s post Cover Posing for a Good Cause for more information.

Alpha Young Writers’ Workshop Runs Auction for Scholarship Fund

Hey, wanna win a prize from George R. R. Martin, Tamora Pierce, John Joseph Adams, Patrick Rothfuss, Elizabeth Bear and more while helping young writers of sf/f/h get started? Check out this press release from the Alpha Young Writers’ Workshop:
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