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Beware the Hairy Mango (Throwback!): The Next Vampire Story

You ever wonder what it sounded like when I spoke slowly on Beware the Hairy Mango? Well, pretend you’ve wondered. It sounded a lot like this terribly old episode!

One has to delve deeply into ancient knowledge to unlock the secrets of the vampire! Yes, as ancient as episode 12! Don your steel-belted shirt collars and wander aimlessly into “The Next Vampire Story!”

WARNING: You’ll be sleeping with the lights on! Even if you work third shift and sleep during the day!

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Video: Man of Steel The Animated Series (Or, Superman is Kind of a Jerk)

Fresh off his run in the theaters, and just in time for the DVD release of Man of Steel on Tuesday, November 12th, Screen Junkies brings us a great new animated Man of Steel…

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VIDEO: Thanos Crashes Comic-Con

This is what happens when Thanos, the Mad Titan, decides to invade Comic-Con.

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VIDEO: The Grim Batman from “Dark Knight Rises”…with the Not-So-Grim 1960’s-Era Robin

What happens when you take Nolan’s Batman and Bane and add in a little Burt Ward Robin?

In a word…awwwkward!


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Video: Geek And Sundry Presents: Written by a Kid Ep 6-Robots Attack

If you haven’t checked out Geek and Sundry’s show ‘Written by a Kid’, here’s a great place to jump in.

The premise is simple – they sit down with a kid, have them tell a story, and then they produce that story as a little short.  It’s great stuff.

This week we have: Robots Attack by Maile Martinez.

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VIDEO: MAD: Raising a New Hope

What happens when you cross the Fox sitcom Raising Hope with the first Stars Movie? That’s exactly what MAD was wondering…
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VIDEO: DC Nation Shorts Presents: Superman of Tokyo #1

This is the weirdest one ever.
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VIDEO: DC Nation Shorts Presents: Plastic Man in: The Many and the Fowl

Plastic Man just wants to mail his letter…
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VIDEO: DC Nation Shorts Presents: The Super Best Friends Forever in: Grounded

Evil is afoot, but Supergirl is grounded…
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VIDEO: DC Nation Shorts Presents: New Teen Titans in: Utility Player

You really don’t want to go into battle with a utility belt loaded with the wrong stuff…
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Beware the Hairy Mango – The Mango You’ve Been Missing!

Hello, my hairy hotdogs! You’ve spent far too many long and lonely nights without the golden Beware the Hairy Mango podcast and I’m here today to give you a taste of what you’ve been missing. Out of the last thirty-five episodes it turns out I had about four good ones, so I’ve wrapped them up bug as a snug and delivered them here to you! Lie down in your chair and ready yourself for the best twenty minutes of your natural life!

WARNING – Filthy Dirty Listening Up Ahead!

But wait! There are three more gems like this after the jump!

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VIDEO: Predator’s Teenage Son

Are you a parent?

Ever tried to connect with your kid but found that they are so different they feel a little alien?

Well, CollegeHumor put this video together to let you know, they feel your pain:
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Friday YouTube: Space Cats

I offer this up to tickle your funny bone.

Many people are surprised to hear everything that goes into making the beautiful celestial images that have brought us so much awe and wonder. One of the most technically difficult parts of Brant Widgeon’s job as an Astronomical Image Enhancement Engineer, however, is dealing with space cats.

[Editors Note: Not to be confused with Kittens In Space.]