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If you are of a certain age and inclination, you have fond memories of Gerry Anderson’s numerous Supermarionation shows like Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray, Fireball XL5, and Terrahawks.

His son Jaime Anderson is the Director of Anderson Entertainment, the film production company set up by Gerry Anderson MBE and his wife Mary. Today the company continues to develop projects from Gerry Anderson’s personal archive as well as managing his estate and existing work.

The Kickstarter for Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm recently met its funding goals in four days, and a pilot for the show is heading into production.

We got to talk with Jamie about the project…

JEFF PATTERSON: Firestorm looks like an ambitious project. Can you give us a little history behind it?
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Watch and Listen as Neil Gaiman Sings the Theme to “Fireball XL5″

In honor of Gerry Anderson, who recently passed away, Neil Gaiman took the stage with Amanda Palmer and band to sing the theme song for Anderson’s Fireball XL5.

It’s quite epic.

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