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Honest Trailers – Ghostbusters

That young upstart Honest Trailers takes on the 30 year-old Ghostbusters? Sure…why not…

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Trailer From an Alternate History: Ghost Busters (1954)

This totally could’ve worked.
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Ghostbusters Sung A Capella And Multi-Track

We’ve posted something similar to this before, where one guy sings/plays all the parts of a piece of music, films himself doing so, then posts it on YouTube. This time the song happens to be the theme from the seminal 1980’s comedy classic (and if you don’t think so, you are just wrong) Ghostbusters. Matt Mulholland does a terrific job of channeling his inner Bobby McFerrin with this piece. He also does a great job with the video editing. Nice work Matt!

A word of caution though: Shirtless monkey puppet boy. You have been warned.

[H/T to SciFi Squad]