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INTERVIEW: David Tallerman on Writing, the Fantasy Genre, and Stealing Giants

David Tallerman is the author of Giant Thief and its sequel, Crown Thief, from Angry Robot Books, as well as numerous short stories, comics and film scripts, covering a wide variety of subjects and themes. David was kind enough to answer a few questions about his writing and work.

Paul Weimer: You’ve been writing professionally for a few years, and Giant Thief is your first novel. What drew you to writing fantasy?

David Tallerman: The obvious reason is that I love Fantasy as a genre, both to read and to write; but since I feel the same way about Science-Fiction and Horror, and since I’ve written short fiction in all three genres, I guess that’s not really an answer.

Partly it was just that my protagonist Easie Damasco’s story was the first I came up with that I really felt could work at novel length. There was something in the idea of a thief stealing a giant that, right from the beginning, felt as though it could grow and perhaps be the seed of an entire book.
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[GUEST POST] David Tallerman on The Not-So-Secret Ingredient of ‘Giant Thief’

David Tallerman is the author of numerous short stories, as well as comic scripts, poems, reviews and articles. David’s work ranges from gruesome horror to comic fantasy, from political science-fiction to tales about mechanically assisted grizzly bears battling Nazi dolphins on the moon. His first novel, Giant Thief, was recently published by Angry Robot.

The Not-So-Secret Ingredient is Crime

It’s not always easy to know what genre you want to write in.

Or not for me anyway. I’ll read just about anything, with maybe the exception of Cowboy Romance, and if I like it, it tends to spark ideas, which don’t always arrive in any neat order. I’m more than happy to think of myself as a genre writer. But which genre — and where it ends and all those others begin — are questions to which I’m less and less sure of the answers.

So it went with what would wind up being my debut novel, Giant Thief. I set out with the clear intention of writing Fantasy, but I’d hardly started before another genre started trying to elbow its way in. In fact, there were days when I wasn’t sure if I didn’t have it all backwards. Was it possible I was really writing a Crime novel with Fantasy thrown in and not the other way round?
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