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SFFWRTCHT: Glen Cook on Dread Empire, Garrett P.I. and the Dos and Don’ts of Writing

Glen Cook is the author of several successful series, including ten Black Company books, fourteen Garrett P.I. books, three Starfisher books, and multiple Dread Empire Books. He has also authored numerous short fiction for anthologies and other sources. Retired from General Motors, he lives in St. Louis with his wife of forty plus years, Carol, and they travel frequently to SF conventions as booksellers and panelists. Glen is busily working on sequels to his various properties.

Bryan Thomas Schmidt talks to Glen about his career, his approach to craft and his exciting future projects with us.

SFFWRTCHT: Where did your interest in SFF come from?

Glen Cook: Kind of always been there. A next door neighbor gave me a set of Tarzan books. I found and read my dad’s copy of The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov. I was reading a lot of westerns and history but now turned to SF, devouring everything in the local library. I began trying to write my own in seventh grade. Did the Adam and Eve story right off, then something about aliens intervening in a battle between the Egyptians and Hittites on the Plain of Armageddon.
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REVIEW: Shadowline (The Starfishers Trilogy, Volume 1) by Glen Cook

REVIEW SUMMARY: An Epic Space Opera tale.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: An interesting, epic space opera revenge tale that weaves together separate story lines into an excellent read.


PROS: Shadowline pulls together three distinct story lines, weaving them together over the course of the story, in an interesting universe of interstellar politics.

CONS: The world building here isn’t up to the same level as other Space Opera novels, leaving a bit to be desired.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a very good read, with an excellent story and series of characters.

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