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BOOK REVIEW: Age of Shiva by James Lovegrove

REVIEW SUMMARY: Possibly Lovegrove’s best yet.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A team of godlike super-powered beings based on the ten avatars of Vishnu from Hindu mythology is assembled, but are they in fact a harbinger of apocalypse?

PROS: Original take on superheroes, exploration of a vivid and colorful religion, sympathetic protagonist, deft plotting, great action.
CONS: Not enough development of the Avatars.
BOTTOM LINE: A combination of science fiction and mythology, superheroes and deities, further solidifying Lovegrove’s title as Godpunk King.

I’ve been a devoted fan of James Lovegrove since I first read The Age of Zeus, his second Pantheon novel. Each year I anticipate the release of the next Pantheon novel. As far as running series go, this is one of my favorite. Six novels and three novellas (collected in one omnibus) in and Lovegrove continues to thrill. There’s no over-arcing plot and no recurring characters. It’s a series united in theme rather than narrative, a technique that results in a cohesive whole while continually managing to change up the dynamic that makes the Pantheon novels so compelling. With Lovegrove novels you always know what to expect and yet he still manages to subvert these expectations. You’re always going to get solid prose, dry English humor, a gripping mix of science fiction and mythology, and ultimately a clever plot. Age of Shiva is tied for my favorite novel in the series. Here’s why…
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[GUEST POST] James Lovegrove Defines Godpunk

James Lovegrove has been shortlisted for numerous awards and is the author of more than 40 books., including Provender Gleed, the New York Times bestselling Pantheon series – so far The Age Of Ra, The Age Of Zeus, The Age Of Odin, Age Of Aztec and Age Of Voodoo – and Redlaw and Redlaw: Red Eye, the first two volumes in a trilogy about a policeman charged with protecting humans from vampires and vice versa. Shortly to come is The Stuff Of Nightmares, the first of two Sherlock Holmes novels. Out this month is a collection of three novellas, Age Of Godpunk.

What is Godpunk?

by James Lovegrove

You’d think I, of all people, would have the answer to that, given that godpunk fiction is probably what I’m best known for. My series of Pantheon novels is what inspired David Moore, desk editor at my publisher Solaris, and Pornokitsch’s Jared Shurin to coin the term godpunk jointly. It’s very easy to stick the suffix “punk” on the end of another word in an effort to make something sound cool, and it doesn’t always work; it certainly doesn’t always take. However, “god + punk” is an exception to the rule, I believe. It’s spiky and dichotomous, a clash of opposites, almost an oxymoron. As a descriptor for a subgenre, it fits, and that’s what counts.

So others christened it. I write it. What is it?
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