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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 270): A Podcast Triptych with Anton Strout, Brad Beaulieu and Gregory Wilson!

In episode 270 of the SF Signal Podcast Patrick Hester joins forces with The Once and Future Podcast‘s Anton Strout and Speculate‘s Brad Beaulieu and Gregory Wilson for a special Triptych podcast released on all three podcasts at the same time. In this special episode, we talk about podcasting, interviewing and how these things and our writerly guests have influenced us as writers and podcasters.

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Gregory Wilson Chats About His New Kickstarter Project: ICARUS: A Graphic Novel

Gregory A. Wilson is currently an Associate Professor of English at St. John’s University in New York City, where he teaches creative writing and fantasy fiction along with various other courses in literature. His first academic book was published by Clemson University Press in 2007; on the creative side, he has won an award for a national playwriting contest, and his first novel, a work of fantasy entitled The Third Sign, was published by Gale Cengage in the summer of 2009. He is a regular panelist at conferences across the country and is a member of Codex, the Writers’ Symposium, Backspace, and several other author groups on and offline.

He is currently in the process of submitting his second and third novels, Icarus and Grayshade respectively, to publishers, and he has new short stories out in the anthologies When The Villain Comes Home, edited by Ed Greenwood and Gabrielle Harbowy, and Triumph Over Tragedy, alongside authors like Robert Silverberg and Marion Zimmer Bradley. He has had three articles published in the SFWA Bulletin. On other related fronts, he did character work and flavor text for the hit fantasy card game Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, and along with fellow speculative fiction author Brad Beaulieu is the co-host of the podcast Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans, a show which discusses (and interviews the creators and illustrators of) speculative fiction of all sorts and types. He lives with his wife Clea, daughter Senavene–named at his wife’s urging for a character in The Third Sign, for which he hopes his daughter will forgive him–and dog Lilo in Riverdale, NY.

His latest project is the crowd funded graphic novel version of Icarus.

Kristin Centorcelli: Greg, will you tell us about your new Kickstarter project, Icarus?

Gregory Wilson: Icarus: A Graphic Novel is a graphic novel based on my novel of the same name, being published by Silence in the Library Publishing. It’s a story which follows the adventures of Icarus and Jellinek, two beings who are, on the surface, as different from one another as they could possibly be. Icarus is a tall, fair-skinned young man with wings, incredible powers, and no memory of anything other than his name; Jellinek is a short, flamepetal prospector with tough red skin, a two-tailed lava resistant creature called a “solar” for a companion, and a general dislike of everyone around him. Together, they must defeat a race of tyrants that has enslaved the world of Vol into which Icarus plummets, and through the course of the story they discover that they are more alike than they can possibly imagine. Icarus is illustrated by the insanely talented Matt Slay, a professional comic artist.
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