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Harry Dresden is Back in Ghoul Goblin

Jim Butcher may be in between Dresden Files novels at the moment, but Harry’s adventures continue – this time in a bridge story that takes place between Fool Moon and Grave Peril – books 2 and 3.  Ghoul Goblin is that story, and the focus of my Kirkus post this week.

From the post:

I talked about the Dynamite adaptation of Butcher’s Storm Front before.  They did a great job, and followed it up with another adaptation – book 2 of The Dresden Files: Fool MoonGhoul Goblin is a new, original story set between Fool Moon and book 3, Grave Peril.  Harry is hired to help a small town in Missouri where a family has recently lost two members, both under mysterious circumstances.  The Talbot family, Harry discovers, are cursed, and have been for a long time.  Worse, creatures from the NeverNever are hunting them, and only Harry has any hope of stopping them.  But the more time he spends in Boone Mill, the more the mystery deepens.

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Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle and Storm Front

Today at the Kirkus blog, I take a look at three graphic novels based on Jim Butcher’s smart, sarcastic and difficult to kill private eye/Wizard, Harry Dresden.

From the post:

The idea of adapting novels into comics has been around for a little while now, and quite frankly, is the source of my column here at the Kirkus blog (most weeks). Not everyone approaches it the same way. Butcher launched his adaptations with a brand new story written specifically for the comics – Welcome to the Jungle (978-0345507464), which takes place immediately before the first Dresden Files novel – Storm Front. More on that in a minute. Welcome to the Jungle sets up the Dresden Files universe. Karrin Murphy is the head of Chicago PD’s Special Investigation unit. Ron Carmichael is her partner. Whenever anything weird comes up, they call in one Harry Dresden, Wizard. On this particular day, a mysterious death at the zoo is weird enough to make that call.

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Roll Perception Plus Awareness: #7RPGS

Welcome back to Roll Perception Plus Awareness, a column about roleplaying games and their place in a genre reader’s and writer’s world. This time, I am going to tackle a meme that has been going around the RPG sphere.

#7RPGs is a meme that asks roleplayers to talk about the seven roleplaying games you have GMed or played the most and what you have learned from them. I’ve discussed a couple of these before. However, since the end of the year is a time of lists, I thought I would share my list with you.
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A Letter From Harry Dresden

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is a wizard who works as a private investigator in Chicago, IL. (He’s in the phone book, the only listing under “Wizards”). Harry deals primarily with paranormal crimes and acts as a consultant for the Chicago Police Department, which helps to pay the bills. Malcolm Dresden, a stage magician and Harry’s dad, died of a brain aneurysm when Harry was just six years old. His mother, Margaret Gwendolyn LeFey, also deceased, was a wizard herself, and had another child, Thomas, who just happens to be a White Court vampire.  Family drama, right?  Harry spent some years as a ward of the state before being adopted at ten by Justin DuMorne, a former Warden of the White Council who turned renegade and became a dark mage. Justin later tried to enthrall Harry (and Harry’s girlfriend and first love Elaine) as his slave(s), but Harry fought back and in the process killed Justin (He also believed Elaine to be dead until he discovered her alive many years later). Harry was then entrusted to the care of Ebenezar McCoy, who mentored Harry and helped keep him out of trouble, until Harry was old enough to support himself. At which point he got into trouble.  Lots of trouble.  Harry has a daughter, Margaret “Maggie” Angelica, a student/apprentice, Molly Carpenter, a cat named Mister, a magical Tibetan dog named Mouse, a spirit of knowledge named Bob who lives in a skull and has an unhealthy obsession with spicy romance novels, and a complicated relationship with his friend Karrin Murphy.

Harry asked us to post this letter to his readers…

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