In episode 132 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester sits down to chat with Kij Johnson, Hugo Nominated Author of The Man Who Bridged The Mist.

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Continuing a trend tailor-made for the Twitter generation, here are my quick takes on a few recently-watched genre-related films.

Quick thoughts follow…
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Hugo Voting is Now Open

Hugo voting period is now open!

Of passing note, SF Signal is eligible in both the fanzine category (for the blog itself) and the fancast category (for the SF Signal podcast).

The more important thing to note is that SF Signal would not happen at all if it weren’t for the outstanding work of our wonderful contributors, many of whom are eligible for the fan writer category:
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The 2010 Hugo Awards, honoring works first published in 2009 or works first published in 2009 in the US that were published in a previous year outside the US, have been announced. Awards will be presented in Melbourne, Australia during Aussiecon 4, the 68th World Science Fiction Convention

Here are the nominees (story titles link to free, online versions, some via Joe Sherry):

  • Boneshaker by Cherie Priest (Tor) [See SF Signal review]
  • The City & The City by China MiĆ©ville (Del Rey; Macmillan UK)
  • Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America by Robert Charles Wilson (Tor)
  • Palimpsest by Catherynne M. Valente (Bantam Spectra)
  • Wake by Robert J. Sawyer (Ace; Penguin; Gollancz; Analog) [See SF Signal review]
  • The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi (Night Shade) [See SF Signal review]

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