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2nd “Star Trek: Into Darkness” Trailer Released – Includes Viral Marketing Clue

[via GeekMom]

The second teaser trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness has been relesed. This one includes the “hand-touching” scene that was seen in the Japanese version of the first trailer.

This one, though, has a new surprise. This one includes a link to a viral marketing campaign: AreYouThe1701.com. It’s visible in the 1080p version at full screen at the 1:07 mark — look towards the bottom of the control panel at the right. (Thanks, GeekMom!)

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Teaser Trailer for “Star Trek 2: Into Darkness”

The official trailer for Star Trek 2: Into Darkness has been released, and in the tradition of teaser trailers reveals…not much. Still no identity of the villain.

Anyone care to make a guess?

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