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SFFWRTCHT: A Chat With Steampunk Legend James Blaylock

Philip K. Dick and World Fantasy Award Winning novelist James P. Blaylock is considered, along with Tim Powers and K.W. Jeter, to be one of the Founding Fathers of Steampunk. His novels include Lord Kelvin’s Machine, The Stone Giant, The Magic Spectacles, The Last Coin and The Disappearing Dwarf. His latest novel, The Aylesford Skull (now avilabale from from Titan Books) is a Langdon St. Ives steampunk tale set in Victorian England that follows up Lord Kelvin’s MachineHumunculus, The Ebb Tide, and The Affair of the Chalk Cliffs. He is currently director of the Creative Writing Conservatory at the Orange County High School of the Arts, where Tim Powers is Writer in Residence. Mr. Blaylock was born in Long Beach, California and studied English at California State University, Fullerton, receiving an M.A. in 1974. He lives in Orange, California, teaching creative writing at Chapman University. Many of his books are set in Orange County, California, and can more specifically be termed “fabulism” — that is, fantastic things happen in our present-day world, rather than in traditional fantasy, where the setting is often some other world. His works have also been categorized as magic realism. He can be found online at Goodreads and via his website at JamespBlaylock.com/.

SFFWRTCHT: First things first, where’d your interest in science fiction and fantasy come from?
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Cover & Synopsis: “Lord Kelvin’s Machine” by James P. Blaylock

Here is the cover art and synopsis of the upcoming steampunk novel Lord Kelvin’s Machine by James P. Blaylock, the next book in the Langdon St. Ives sequence after The Aylesford Skull.
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Book Cover Smackdown – January Steampunk Edition! ‘The Aylesford Skull’ vs. ‘Power Under Pressure’ vs. ‘The Bookman Histories’

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by cover…unless it’s an SF Signal Book Cover Smackdown!

It’s time once again to have your way with some upcoming book covers, this time with a new trio of steampunk titles being released next month.

Here are today’s contenders…
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