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John Campbell, Jr. and Astounding Magazine

After working our way through the pulp era, it’s time to begin looking at the ‘Golden Age’ of Science Fiction. Many people felt that this movement began with John Campbell Jr.’s work at Astounding magazine, and there’s no better way to start off this movement than examining the magazine that helped bring science fiction out of the pulp magazines.

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REVIEW: Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell

REVIEW SUMMARY: Campbell’s original story holds up amazingly well.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: The members of an Antarctic expedition encounter a shape-shifting creature from another world.


PROS: Excellent psychological science fiction thriller.

CONS: Occasionally awkward prose; largely interchangeable characters.

BOTTOM LINE: This is the definitive publication of Campbell’s classic sf story.

Most people know Don A. Stuart’s novella “Who Goes There” through John Carpenter’s 1982 adaptation titled The Thing (not to mention the 1951 adaptation Thing From Another World), but it’s usually sf fans who know that Stuart was the pen name of one of sf’s most influential editors, John W. Campbell. Who Goes There?, the recent reprint of this famous story by Rocket Ride books, not only includes Campbell’s classic story, but also throws in some nice extras as well: an introduction by William F. Nolan and Nolan’s 1978 screen treatment of Campbell’s story.

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