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Table of Contents: BEST BRITISH HORROR 2014 Edited by Johnny Mains

Dark Wolf has posted the table of contents for the new anthology Best British Horror 2014 edited by Johnny Mains.

Here’s the book description:

Welcome To The New Home Of Horror Edited by the British Fantasy Award winning editor Johnny Mains, Salt’s ‘Best’ series takes a journey into the bottomless depths of horror. You will find no ‘pleasing terrors’ here. ‘Mercy stands before her, wielding a mud-caked pickaxe in both hands…’ –“When Charlie Sleeps”, Laura Mauro ‘Too much Semtex was an obvious, beginners mistake, and I noted I needed to remove more brain in future…’ –“Exploding Raphaelesque Heads”, Ian Hunter ‘There isn’t much time. Blood is already spattering the paper on which I am writing…’ –“The Secondary Host”, John Probert ‘It appeared to be an insect of some kind, perhaps a beetle or a spider with a bloated body…’ –“Come Into My Parlour”, Reggie Oliver “Best British Horror” is a new anthology series dedicated to showcasing and proving without doubt, that when it comes to horror and supernatural fiction, Britain is its obvious and natural home.

Here’s the table of contents…
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