Joseph Wallace is the author of Diamond Ruby (2010, Touchstone), set in 1920s New York City, and the new global apocalyptic thriller Invasive Species (2013, Berkley Books). His stories have appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and anthologies including Bronx Noir, Baltimore Noir, Hard Boiled Brooklyn, and two Mystery Writers of America collections: The Prosecution Rests and Ice Cold. He has also published nonfiction books on dinosaurs, natural history, and baseball, and written about nature, travel, and health for magazines and newspapers. He lives north of New York City, where he runs storytelling workshops in the local elementary schools and work as a writing mentor for high-school students. You can find him at his website, on Twitter as @Joe_Wallace, and on Facebook.

The World Next Door

“What inspired you to write a novel?”

Sooner or later-usually sooner-every writer hears this question, so it makes sense to have a response ready to go. For my new novel, Invasive Species (an apocalyptic thriller with a scientifically plausible monster), I have several. Most are about half a joke: “Every writer should end the world at least once!” I say. Or “Everyone’s always clamoring for a solution to climate change, so I thought I’d invent one-eliminate humanity!”

Much less often, I share another answer, one that cuts to the heart of why I wrote Invasive Species: Science fiction made me do it.
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