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Coming Soon! “Strykers” by K. M. Ruiz

Here is the cover art and synopsis of the upcoming novel Strykers by K. M. Ruiz, an omnibus edition of Mind Storm and Terminal Point.

Here’s the synopsis:
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[GUEST POST] K.M. Ruiz on Writing Beyond What You Know

The old adage for writers seems to be write what you know. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that advice. It’s a good place to start but that’s exactly what it is. A start. When you move beyond what you know into what you want to know is when things get interesting. It’s not like anyone has ever fought a dragon before (unless you’re Sharon Stone’s ex-husband, and by fight, I mean get one-upped by a lizard) but that’s never stopped people from writing about it.

For me, what I’m familiar with is the way disease can erode a person’s life. My mother was diagnosed with progressive-relapsing Multiple Sclerosis before I was born and I’ve shared her with that disease for decades. Since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with the way the central nervous system works (and doesn’t work) in the human body; the way science is still learning about the human brain’s reach and how easily it can be damaged.

Growing up, I devoured comic books, scifi/fantasy novels, TV shows, and movies. I got teased at school for not liking typical girly things but my way of coping with things I couldn’t control was to stubbornly stick with what I liked. I found escape from an invisible, encroaching enemy in other people’s stories, which kick-started my own desire to write.

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REVIEW: Mind Storm by K. M. Ruiz

REVIEW SUMMARY: A fantastic set-up for the rest of the series.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Two groups of psions fight in a post-apocalyptic world, unaware of the greater plots being enacted by three men of power.

PROS: Lots of psionic action; complex post-apocalyptic world; political intrigue.
CONS: Little character development; repetitive.
BOTTOM LINE: It’s like X-Men, only more brutal.

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