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[GUEST POST] Michaele Jordan Presents Internationally Fannish!

Michaele Jordan is the author of the period occult thriller Mirror Maze and her stories have appeared in Redstone Science Fiction, Buzzy Mag, The Crimson Pact, Volumes 4 and 5 and Fantasy and Science Fiction. You can visit her website at MichaeleJordan.com while waiting for the upcoming steampunk adventure Jocasta and the Indians.

Internationally Fannish

by Michaele Jordan
We in the United States tend to think of ourselves as being the leading edge in SF/F. After all, we invented it, right? We produce hundreds of titles every year. It’s a commonplace in our movies. It turns up regularly on TV. WorldCon is usually held here; out of seventy-two WorldCons (that’s counting this year’s Loncon 3), only sixteen have been held outside the US, and of those, only three were in countries where English is not the first language, the rest having been divided between Australia, Canada, England and Scotland. So we own SF/F, right?
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