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Über-Mashup: Guardians of the Galaxy / Star Wars / Firefly / LEGO

In this Lego mash-up, Peter Quill, Han Solo, and Malcolm Reynolds discuss the age-old question of “Who shot first?”

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Lego Movie

Emmet Brickowski is just a regular guy, a Lego construction worker in Bricksburg who is at his best when he has a set of instructions to follow. He does everything exactly the way that he’s supposed to, but never gets much notice from anyone. Everything changes when he stays for just a moment at the construction site after everyone has left and he meets a mysterious woman named WyldStyle. Emmet falls into a hole and discovers a strange artifact. He passes out, and wakes up in the custody of Good Cop/Bad Cop a dual personality policeman in the employ of the supreme ruler President Business. The artifact, called the Piece of Resistance, is stuck to Emmett’s back. Wyldstyle rescues him, and they escape Bricksburg together into the Wild West.

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Duelling Williams: Shatner vs. Shakespeare! In Lego!

In this epsiode of Action Bill, William Shatner’s time traveling robot attempts to destroy William Shakespeare but underestimates the fighting prowess of Action Bill.

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Friday YouTube: Batman vs. Superman (in Lego)

In case anyone was wondering how Btaman might fare against Superman, well, this Lego animation pretty much summarizes it.

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The Battle of Helm’s Deep…in LEGO

I thought the epic Battle of Helm’s Deep depicted in The Lord of the Rings couldn’t be more dramatic.

I was wrong.
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SF Tidbits for 8/3/09

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SF Tidbits for 7/26/09

  • Comic Book Resources interviews Chris Roberson (I, Zombie) and profiles Charlie Huston and his work on the upcoming comic Deathlok. Sez Houston: “While the ’90s versions of Deathlok mixed superhero elements with science fiction ones, Huston’s series is strictly a science fiction story. ‘This is science fiction in the broadest possible sense,’ Huston stated. ‘It’s not Hard Sci Fi, where you take a science concept and try to extrapolate it to its natural conclusion. It’s two-fisted, pulp-adventure, science fiction.'”
  • Teresa Nielsen Hayden talks about the original inventor of the slidewalk. No, it’s not Heinlein. YouTube links included!
  • Real Science: Hubble reawakens, snaps image of Jupiter scar, created when comet or asteroid plunged into Jupiter’s atmosphere.
  • Dumb Little Man lists Eight Reasons to Read Fiction.
  • Genre film dominate Speckyboy’s lists of 24 Lego Stop Motion Films Mimicking Cool Movies Scenes. Here’s the Lego trailer for The Dark Knight:
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