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SF Signal Featured in the March 2014 Issue of Locus Magazine!

There are so many good things to share with fellow genre fans, that’s it’s hard to catch them all….which is my lame excuse for not extolling the virtues of Locus Magazine more than I do.

And I’m not just saying that because this month’s issue shines the spotlight on SF Signal. (OMG-HOW-COOL-IS-THAT?) No, I’m actually a happy subscriber to the digital edition, which is waiting for me in my inbox on the first day of every month. (I used to subscribe years ago to the print edition…but that venture — through no fault of Locus — was a comedy of postal errors — and another story.)

What do I like about Locus Magazine? The author profiles are always illuminating, the reviews are consistently insightful, the news is informative, the publishing notes (especially the ones noting upcoming publications) stoke my fannish flames, the articles are interesting, and heck — it’s even a hoot to see magazine ads that feature genre books. In a more general sense, it’s a genuine treat to see an entire magazine devoted to the speculative fiction field, and not just an inch of column space added as an afterthought.

In short — I thoroughly enjoy Locus Magazine (and its online counterpart, Locus Online) and you will too. Might I recommend the latest issue which shines a spotlight on a trio of Hugo-winning nerds…?

Help Locus Digitally Preserve Their Huge Cache of Science Fiction and Fantasy Treasures

The good folks at Locus have started a Kickstarter project to raise funds for a worthy cause. The goal of the Locus Photo and Ephemera Archive Project is to digitally preserve the valuabe specualtive fiction archives left behind by Locus founder, Charles N. Brown, who passed away in 2009.

This video explains more.

Head on over to the Locus Photo and Ephemera Archive Project to see what items you may get in rturn for your contribution…besides the warm fuzzies you’ll get by donating to a good cause for the sf community…

[via Karen Burnham via io9]

SF Tidbits for 9/6/09

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