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Lost in Animeland

Lost in Animeland: Shirobako

March 25, 2015 // 7 Comments

Today, in another awesome installment of Lost in Animeland, Django Wexler takes an in depth look at Shirobako [...]

Lost in Animeland: Suzumiya Haruhi

February 25, 2015 // 6 Comments

Django Wexler is back with another installment of Lost in Animeland, and this time, he takes an in-depth look at Suzumiya Haruhi [...]

Lost in Animeland: Sword Art Online

September 17, 2014 // 6 Comments

Last time I mentioned that I was watching Sword Art Online II, and enjoying it quite a bit. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to talk about part three of a series without [...]

Lost in Animeland: Code Geass and Endings

June 11, 2014 // 11 Comments

Endings have always been a problem in anime. Even among my favorite shows, those that actually come to some kind of satisfying conclusion at the end of the series are a small [...]

Lost in Animeland: Spring 2014

April 30, 2014 // 6 Comments

Apologies for the break! I’ve been a bit busy launching my new middle-grade fantasy, which means I haven’t had as much time to watch anime, let alone write about [...]

Lost in Animeland: Hare+Guu and Nichijou

February 19, 2014 // 4 Comments

Comedy is hard. To date, I haven’t talked much about anime comedies, for a couple of reasons. First, and most important, in my experience they are much more of a [...]

Lost in Animeland: Winter 2014, Part 2

February 5, 2014 // 9 Comments

Today we have the second half of the Winter ’14 season, alphabetically speaking. We’re now four weeks in, so I’ve seen three or four episodes of most of [...]

Lost in Animeland: Winter 2014

January 22, 2014 // 2 Comments

Well, we’re almost two weeks into the Winter season, which has given me a chance to take a look at the first episodes. This season I’m trying a slightly different [...]

Lost in Animeland: Index and Railgun

December 4, 2013 // 8 Comments

Going Forward Now that I’ve done a once-over of the present season, here’s the plan. I’m going to talk about some shows that I have seen which (a) I think would be of [...]

Lost in Animeland: Fall 2013, Part Two

November 20, 2013 // 6 Comments

Here’s my look at the rest of this anime season. Most of the shows I’d been particularly looking forward to were in the first installment, so this was a matter of [...]