I’m back from a short hiatus to bring you a new edition of the Indie Author Spotlight! I’ll be honest and say that it is not an easy task weeding through the not-so-wonderful self-published books in order to find a real gem; however, taking the time and effort to find a novel that really stands out among the rest – and on occasion, an outstanding work of fiction – makes the payoff highly gratifying. This was the case with author Luke Smitherd’s, The Stone Man.

Tagged as both science fiction and a thriller, this is a book that has it all: strong characterization, moral quandaries, mystery, and a whole lot of tense moments all presented through the narration of a fallible, all too human protagonist that you can’t help but root for. Reading the final sentence of the The Stone Man was truly a bittersweet moment. Check out the synopsis for The Stone Man:

Nobody knew where it came from.

Nobody knew why it came.

Even so, for two-bit (antisocial) reporter Andy Pointer, the appearance in his city of a man made of moving stone meant the scoop of a lifetime. He would soon learn that The Stone Man was much more — and much worse — than that.

This is Andy’s account of everything that came afterwards, and the people that were lost along the way; of the terrible price that he, and the rest of his country, had to pay.

The destruction. The visions. The dying.

That description, along with a large amount of positive reviews, was enough to get me excited. By the end of the first page, I knew I was in for a treat and by the end of the book I knew that I had read something really special and unique. With that being said, sit back and relax and enjoy an interview with the author himself, Luke Smitherd.

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