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Indie Author Spotlight: An Interview with M. Ordena, Author of FORT LIBERTY, VOl. 1

It’s been a couple of months since the last installment of the Indie Author Spotlight, but we are back with a new author and interview! After spending quite some time searching for a new book and reading a plethora of boring synopses and poor reviews, I decided I would narrow my search: I wanted to find a female author. Cue M. Orenda.

When I stumbled upon Orenda’s first (and only at the moment) novel, Fort Liberty, Vol. 1, there were four factors that made it easy for me to choose her book: military science fiction, great reviews, a cool cover — reminiscent of many comics, which makes complete sense when reading the action sequences — and finally, selflessness. What do I mean by selflessness? Well, M. Orenda uses her talents as a writer to help support others. As it states under the book’s rundown, “All proceeds from the Fort Liberty Series go to support non-profit organizations focused on helping US Veterans and their families.” Wow, real altruism at its finest!

So, what is Fort Liberty about? Check it out:
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