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BOOK REVIEW: The Art of Dead Space by Martin Robinson

REVIEW SUMMARY: A beautiful, haunting compilation of art from the bestselling video game horror franchise Dead Space.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Over 300 iconic, full color images and sketches, with commentary from artists.


PROS: Absolutely stunning images that latch onto the mind in an icy death grip, annotations from artists deliver a glimpse into the twisted creative cycle that spawned such striking and grotesque visuals.
CONS: Some may consider the price steep.
BOTTOM LINE: An collection of art from all three Dead Space games, recommended for fans of the series, concept artists, and aspiring authors/horror film directors looking to add a serrated edge of inspiration to their work.

So how is this for something different – I’m going to review an art book! Bear with me, as this is a first, but I feel as though my love of video games and my limited stint at an art school provide me just enough knowledge to get the job done. As a disclaimer I must warn you, I haven’t played Dead Space 3 yet. Nor have I beaten Dead Space or Dead Space 2, though I have owned each at one point in time. One thing that always has impressed me with the series has been the unique art direction. Dead Space is a series that is visibly influenced by the titans of space horror that came before it. The Alien franchise is an obvious source, as is Event Horizon. Still, Dead Space has developed an identity all of its own. As the introduction of the book states, “It has sci-fi that’s never fantastical, horror that’s always personal, and action that’s delivered like a punch to the gut…” I couldn’t agree more. All of the science fiction elements of Dead Space are utilitarian. The future isn’t a bright, gleaming beacon of hope – it’s worn and functional and grimy. The horror is isolating and atrocious, and the action is limb-dismembering-visceral. All of this becomes evident as you open The Art of Dead Space and begin to flip through the pages.

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