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If You Like the Gollancz “Masterworks” Series, You’ll Love the Latest Issues of BIG SKY

Editor Peter Young just released issue #3 and #4 of his excellent Big Sky fanzine. Both issues are part of a special project released specifically for Loncon 3. They both shine the light entirely on Gollancz’s excellent SF Masterworks list. These special issues of Big Sky feature reviews and commentary for each title in the Masterworks series, all listed in order of appearance.

Peter contacted me a while back about including three of my own reviews that I’ve published right here at SF Signal (for Ursual K. Le Guin’s The Lathe of Heaven, Robert Silverberg’s The Book of Skulls, and Algys Budrys’ Rogue Moon). Those are included, along with tons of other reviews and articles by folks like Karen Burnham (also and SF Signal contributor!), Farah Mendlesohn, Kate Sherrod, David Langford, Rhys Hughes, Nicholas Whyte, Bruce Gillespie, Christopher J. Garcia, Amy H, Sturgis, Niall Alexander, Rich Horton, Neal Asher, Tim Powers, Cheryl Morgan, Mark Chitty, Alma Alexander, Eric Brown, Scott Lynch, Ross E. Lockhart, Annalee Newitz, Abigail Nussbaum, Mark Yon, Lee Battersby, Ian Sales, Karen Hueler, Jo Walton, Joachim Boaz, and so many others.

Click on through to grab both issues of both issues of Big Sky!

The Fantasy Masterworks Series Gets a Beautiful Facelift

Considering that (1) I’m a sucker for Gollancz’s SF and Fantasy Masterworks book series, and (2) I’m a sucker for book covers, you could imagine how thrilled I am to see that Gollancz is rebranding the Fantasy Masterworks line with some beautiful art and design work.

The first titles coming from the relaunch include:

More titles will follow in 2014.