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[GUEST POST] Robert Treskillard on How To Make Your Own Fantasy Sword

Robert Treskillard is a Celtic enthusiast who holds a B.A. in Biblical & Theological Studies from Bethel University, Minnesota. He has been crafting stories from his early youth, is a software developer, graphic artist, and sometime bladesmith. When Robert’s son wanted to learn blacksmithing and sword-making, the two set out to learn the crafts. This lit the fire of Robert’s imagination, and so welding his Celtic research to his love of the legends of King Arthur, a book was forged: Merlin’s Blade, the first book of The Merlin Spiral. This wa followed by Merlin’s Shadow and the just-released 3rd book, Merlin’s Nightmare. To join the battle, visit the author’s website dedicated to the series: KingArthur.org.uk.

How To Make Your Own Fantasy Sword – Author Style!

by Robert Treskillard

My son said it-and it changed my world: “I want to make a sword!”

“Well”, pop thought, “a real sword is a bit ambitious!” So being a hobbyist woodworker, I made a wooden one. Did that satisfy him for long? Not a bit.

Metal? What did I know about metalworking? Nothing! So after buying a few bladesmithing books, an anvil was mail-ordered, a forge was built, and vague knife-like shapes were being drawn on some flat O2 steel. We learned the process by making knives, and it wasn’t easy.
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5 *More* Scifi or Fantasy Shows Now Streaming Via Netflix

I have really embraced Netflix and streaming video. Enough so that I made a post about 5 genre shows now streaming from the service just a couple days ago. Looking through the available content, though, I realized there were a lot more shows deserving of a mention.  So, here’s a list of five more shows!  (presented in no particular order)
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Remembering The Freedom Force [Video]

In 1978, The Freedom Force only ran for 5 episodes before its was killed. You may ask: How could a show that sports a lineup that includes Merlin, Sinbad, Super Samurai, Isis, and Hercules be canceled? Here’s an episode (“The Dragon Riders”) that may shed some light on it…