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[GUEST POST] Mia Marshall on Whether Men Are From Mars and Urban Fantasy is From Venus

Mia Marshall spent time as a high school teacher, script supervisor, story editor, legal secretary, and day care worker before deciding she would rather spend her days writing about things that don’t exist in this version of reality. She has lived all along the US west coast and throughout the UK, during which time she collected an unnecessary number of degrees in literature, education, and film. These days, she lives somewhere in the Sierra Nevadas, where she is surrounded by her feline overlords. You can follow Mia at her website, on Twitter, Facebook, and GoodReads.

Men Are From Mars and Urban Fantasy is From Venus. Or Not.

by Mia Marshall

When I tell people I write urban fantasy novels, there’s often a pause in the conversation. It’s a long pause, during which I wonder if they expect more information, or perhaps an explanation for how this can be an actual career.

At last, they speak. “What’s urban fantasy?”

“Fantastic elements in our world. You know, myth or magic or…”

“Vampires?” This is when I hear it. The smile in the voice. The hint of smugness. “Like Twilight?”

There is a second pause, longer than the first, while they wait for me to disavow all sparkly vampire books, to insist that mine are different, and therefore worthy of being read.
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