Meteor House has posted the table of contents the upcoming anthology The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 4: Voyages to Strange Days edited by Michael Croteau, which includes a Foreword by Robert Silverberg:

Here’s the book description:

The first three volumes in the Worlds of Philip José Farmer series focused on different facets of Farmer’s career: Volume 1 studied his disdain for literary boundaries, those between genres and even those between fiction and reality; Volume 2 featured his interest in the softer sciences, such as, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and theology, among many others; Volume 3 played around with his love of the trickster character in fiction, and his own trickster nature.

Volume 4 focuses on perhaps a more obvious topic: Philip José Farmer the classic science fiction writer! Farmer grew up on the pulps; from the 1920s through the Golden Age, Farmer was an avid reader of many of the science fiction magazines. Although many were ground-breaking, his earliest stories used familiar tropes such as interstellar travel, alien races, parallel worlds, computers, war, scientists, etc.

Here’s the table of contents…
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Meteor House Press has posted the table of contents for the upcoming book The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 3
Portraits of a Trickster
. The book includes a Foreword by Frederik Pohl. The first 100 people to preorder the book will get a custom laminated bookmark.

Here is the working table of contents (subject to change).
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