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TOC: ‘The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF’ Edited by Mike Ashley

Michale Swanwick has posted the table of contents the upcoming anthology The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF edited by Mike Ashley.

Here’s the book description:

Are the past and future immutable or can we escape the inevitable? This thought-provoking collection of time travel stories not only takes us into the past and future, but also explores what might happen if we attempt to manipulate time to our own advantage. Read 25 mindbending stories from Kage Baker, Michael Swanwick, Christopher Priest, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Robert Silverberg, Paul Levinson and many more!

Here’s the table of contents…
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Coming Soon: “The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF” Edited by Mike Ashley

I loves me a good time travel story. I see that Amazon has posted cover art of the upcoming themed anthology The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF edited by Mike Ashley, due out this coming September.

Here’s the synopsis:
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SF Tidbits for 9/8/09

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TOC: The Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF edited by Mike Ashley

Here are the contents of The Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF edited by Mike Ashley.

  1. “Out of the Sun” by Arthur C. Clarke
  2. “The Pevatron Rats” by Stephen Baxter *
  3. “The Edge of the Map” by Ian Creasey
  4. “Cascade Point” by Timothy Zahn
  5. “A Dance to Strange Musics” by Gregory Benford
  6. “Palindromic” by Peter Crowther
  7. “Castle in the Sky” by Robert Reed *
  8. “The Hole in the Hole” by Terry Bisson
  9. “Hotrider” by Keith Brooke
  10. “Mother Grasshopper” by Michael Swanwick
  11. “Waves and Smart Magma” by Paul Di Filippo *
  12. “The Black Hole Passes” by John Varley
  13. “The Peacock King” by Ted White & Larry McCombs
  14. “Bridge” by James Blish
  15. “Anhedonia” by Adam Roberts *
  16. “Tiger Burning” by Alastair Reynolds
  17. “The Width of the World” by Ian Watson
  18. “Our Lady of the Sauropods” by Robert Silverberg
  19. “Into the Miranda Rift” by G. David Nordley
  20. “The Rest is Speculation” by Eric Brown *
  21. “Vacuum States” by Geoffrey A. Landis

* = New story written for this anthology

[via Marooned and Mike Ashley]