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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 146): An Interview with Author Jean Johnson

In episode 146 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester sits down to chat with Jean Johnson, author of the new Military SciFi Novel An Officer’s Duty out from Ace.

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BOOK REVIEW: Star Corpsman: Bloodstar by Ian Douglas

SYNOPSIS: When the alien Qesh invade the planet of Bloodworld the Commonwealth Marines must fly to the rescue. Elliot Carlyle is a Navy Corpsmen on the front lines of this interstellar conflict, attending to wounded marines in the face of enemy fire.


REVIEW SUMMARY: Cool tech and interesting social progression don’t make up for utter lack of character depth.
BOTTOM LINE: As Douglas has proven in past novels, he knows his military science fiction. With Star Corpsman: Bloodstar he gives honor to Navy Corpsmen, unsung heroes of warfare. Unfortunately the plot and characters are not quite as utilized as his technical knowledge.

Elliot “e-Car” Carlyle is nearing the end of his training as a Navy Corpsmen for the Commonwealth Fleet Marine Force when alien activity is spotted near the planet of Bloodworld. Orders come down from on high and Bravo Company, the Black Wizards, deploy to investigate. What they arrive to find poses more questions than answers. Bloodworld was founded by technophobic religious fanatics and their loyalties are questionable. Have the Salvationists been conquered? Or have the Luddites allied themselves with the Imperial Qesh? One thing is certain, the Qesh are inching ever closer to Earth and the very fate of humanity may rest on the shoulders of Carlyle and the Black Wizards.
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