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VIDEO PARODY: “All About That Space” – A Message to J.J. Abrams

Here’s SciFI-themed cover parody of “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor performed by the ladies of Creature, written as a message to J.J. Abrams…

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Halloween Music: Listen to John Anealio’s Halloween E.P.!

In case you’re looking for free stuff — And who isn’t? — have I go some news for you! Well, maybe not as much as your ears, but let’s face it, you’ve been neglecting your ears for years!

Anywho, SciFi Songster John Anealio has a 4-song Halloween E.P. that’s available for download. You can download for free…or you can listen for free first below and then do make John a happy SciFi Songster by naming your price and buying it.

Listen after the jump!

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Tuesday Tune: “Stevie” by Kasabian

Here’s the new video from Kasabian for the song “Stevie” (from the album 48:13), about a boy raised in a laboratory…

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The Stars of “The Hobbit” Read The Lyrics to Leonard Nimoy’s “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins”

Even though some critics are Hobbit-bashing as of late, everyone has to agree that at least one thing cam out of the Peter Jackson adaptation: it gave us this video of the stars of The Hobbit reading the lyrics to Leonard Nimoy’s awesomely craptacular “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins”
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Friday YouTube: Captain Picard (Almost) Sings “Let it Snow!”

While much of the U.S. is experiencing a cold front (thanks, Canada!), the timing seemed right to hear Captain Picard *almost* sing “Let It Snow”….

Beyond the entertainment value of this, I am always amazed at the effort it must take to troll hours of footage to find the right words for the song. Nice job, James Covenant!

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Bohemian Rhapsody (Star Wars Style)

Here’s a solid effort of a Star Wars/Queen mashup by the students and faculty of the Digital Video Program at University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona

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Listen to John Anealio’s Halloween E.P.

Sometimes life throws cool stuff your way. And sometimes life drops the ball and Sci-Fi Songster John Anealio steps in and throws something cool your way.

John has just made his 4-song Halloween E.P. available for download. You can download for free…or you can listen for free first below and then do John a solid and let him know you like his stuff by naming your price and buying it.

Listen after the jump!

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MUSIC VIDEO: “Exiles: The Wolves of Midwinter” – The Song for Anne Rice’s new novel, THE WOLVES OF MIDWINTER

Here’s Mary Fahl (former lead singer of October Project) singing “Exiles: The Wolves of Midwinter” which is used in the audiobook version of Anne Rice’s new novel, The Wolves of Midwinter.

Bonus: The video is followed by a “making of” featurette.

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Tuesday Tune: “Get Loki” by The Avengers (Parody of “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk)

You’ve gotta give credit to these folks for turning Daft Punk’s new single “Get Lucky” into an Avengers parody. Well, you don’t have to, but it’s hard not to…
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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 172): Interview with Music Comedy Duo Paul and Storm

In episode 172 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester chats Paul and Storm who write music that makes people laugh and feel good. They are the co-founders of Wootstock, they co-produce the JoCo Cruise Crazy, a Caribbean cruise/concert festival for fans of internet musician Jonathan Coulton, and now have a new show called ‘Learning Town’ which debuted on Tuesday, January 15th on YouTube’s Geek & Sundry channel.

About LearningTown:

“LearningTown” follows a fictional Paul and Storm as they try to keep an old-style kid’s show (in the spirit of Captain Kangaroo, Mister Rogers, etc.) going after its original host dies. They hire a producer (“Cookie Tuesdays”) away from a rival show to help them; and they also enlist the help of a superfan (“Teddy”) to handle the puppets. But the challenge is steep, not only because they have no idea what they’re doing, but because they have radically different ideas about how to run the show, and there are lots of other characters who help and/or hinder their cause along the way. Oh…and puppets sometimes catch fire. There will be ten episodes in Season 1, each between 7-9 minutes each in length. There may also be some shorter bonus videos. New episodes will be released every Tuesday starting on January 15, 2013.

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Tuesday Tune: 2 Versions of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Over The Misty Mountains Cold” For Your Listening Pleasure

Came across these and wanted to share. Both are wonderful versions/interpretations of ‘Over The Misty Mountains Cold. by J R R Tolkien.

Check them out after the jump.

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Tuesday Tune: “Pythagoras Switch” By Half-Acre Day

A few weeks back in our Crowd Funding Roundup post we covered the Kickstarter campaign for a crowd-sourced SF movie called Project London (and with 2 days left to go, they’ve met their goal, congrats!). While perusing more info about the movie, I ran across this music video, made for the movie, by the band Half-Acre Day. It features scenes from the movie and you can view it as a different movie trailer set to a kickin’ beat. I rather like it.

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Tuesday Tune Bonus! Batman and Robin Sing “Orange Colored Sky”

I can only imagine that money must have been tight in Gotham City back in the 1960s for Batman to take a singing gig on a variety show. Or perhaps he was working undercover to bust a ring of rogue off-key villains? Or maybe he lost a bet with the Joker?
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Skyfall and My Favorite Music from the James Bond Movies

I had the opportunity to see the new Bond flick, Skyfall, this week, and while the movie itself is wonderful, it was the title music that struck a chord with me early on. The folks behind the Bond flicks have always done elaborate opening title sequences featuring music from some of the biggest names around. I remember a quote from Paul McCartney saying something like, “Being asked to do the music for a Bond film means you’ve arrived.” This from a former Beatle.

The music in those opening sequences haven’t always resonated with me. In fact, there’s been quite a few that have fallen flat. I believe Shirley Bassey set the tone for Bond when she recorded Goldfinger, and every band or singer since, has been held, at least in my mind, up to that for comparison. Adele’s soulful rendition of Skyfall harkens back to Bassey’s Goldfinger in a way few others have been able to manage, and has prompted me to do a top ten list of my favorites.

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INTERVIEW: John Anealio on SF Music, the Musical Creative Process and More

John Anealio writes songs about science fiction and fantasy and other geeky things. Alternate-tuned acoustic guitar picking, soaring synthesizers, and catchy pop hooks power his odes to androids, princesses, and vampires. His newest album, available on his website JohnAnealio.com as well as iTunes is the Chuck Wendig named album Laser Zombie Robot Love. He also recently released a free single to commemorate the fall of Felix Baumgartner from space to the ground. He is the co-creator and co-host of The Functional Nerds and has come up with theme songs for a variety of other podcasts as well, including the one for the SF Signal podcast.

I decided to sit down with John to learn more about him and his writing and creative process…

Paul Weimer: Laser Zombie Robot Love is your newest album. But where did the idea of doing geeky songs, as opposed to, say, covers or homages to Rush or Emerson Lake and Palmer come from?

John Anealio: For years, I was a straight-up folk/pop singer/songwriter. My songs were about relationships and other typical subject matter. As my writing grew, I started to write about all kinds of things. The first CD that I put out as a typical singer/songwriter included a song about vampires and one titled Orbit. At one point, I decided to focus my writing on subjects that would appeal to genre fans and tech geeks. Part of the idea behind this stemmed from my then, new found interest in blogs and podcasts. I was reading all of these Sci-Fi review blogs and I thought if I wrote songs inspired by the books that these folks were reviewing, then they’d probably enjoy them and maybe even spread the word about them. That was the start and it pretty much worked. However, it quickly changed to writing about all different subjects and themes within the genre, not just about specific Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books.

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The Theme to HBO’s “Game of Thrones”…Played on a Kazoo

Finally, the theme to HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones the way it was meant to be played. On a kazoo.

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HISHE: The Zombie Song (Extended Cut)

Just in time for this weekend’s return of The Walking Dead to AMC (October 14th – check your local listings), the folks over at How It Should Have Ended have released an extended cut of their popular Zombie Song…

He’s just a lonely zombie.. who could really eat some brains…

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Simon and Garfunkel Sing “The Sound of Cylons”

“Hello Gaius, my old friend…”

Who knew Simon an Garfunkel did filk! That’s what one might think if they listened to this nearly spot-on parody of “The Sounds of Silence”.

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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 148): Interview with Singer/Songwriter John Anealio

In episode 148 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester sits down to chat with Singer/Songwriter John Anealio

About John Anealio:

With little more than an alternate-tuned acoustic guitar and a dog-eared copy of The Hobbit, Sci-Fi Songwriter John Anealio composes and performs geeky anthems for writers, librarians, lovers of Science Fiction, Best Buy customers, and robots. His music sounds like John Mayer, Weezer, and James Taylor playing Dungeons and Dragons together on their iPhones. He is the Co-Host of The Functional Nerds Podcast

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GOTYE MUSIC PARODY: The Stars Wars That I Used To Know

The only thing I don’t like about this parody of Gotye’s song “Somebody That I Used to Know” used as a vehicle for mocking Star Wars and George Lucas…is the suggestion of a naked George Lucas. That’ll take some time to get over. Other than that, though…pure awesomeness.

Watch it after the jump…
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