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BOOK REVIEW: Age of Shiva by James Lovegrove

REVIEW SUMMARY: Possibly Lovegrove’s best yet.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A team of godlike super-powered beings based on the ten avatars of Vishnu from Hindu mythology is assembled, but are they in fact a harbinger of apocalypse?

PROS: Original take on superheroes, exploration of a vivid and colorful religion, sympathetic protagonist, deft plotting, great action.
CONS: Not enough development of the Avatars.
BOTTOM LINE: A combination of science fiction and mythology, superheroes and deities, further solidifying Lovegrove’s title as Godpunk King.

I’ve been a devoted fan of James Lovegrove since I first read The Age of Zeus, his second Pantheon novel. Each year I anticipate the release of the next Pantheon novel. As far as running series go, this is one of my favorite. Six novels and three novellas (collected in one omnibus) in and Lovegrove continues to thrill. There’s no over-arcing plot and no recurring characters. It’s a series united in theme rather than narrative, a technique that results in a cohesive whole while continually managing to change up the dynamic that makes the Pantheon novels so compelling. With Lovegrove novels you always know what to expect and yet he still manages to subvert these expectations. You’re always going to get solid prose, dry English humor, a gripping mix of science fiction and mythology, and ultimately a clever plot. Age of Shiva is tied for my favorite novel in the series. Here’s why…
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[GUEST POST] Tracy Barnett on Mythological Manipulation

Tracy Barnett is a new writer who loves fantasy of all types, especially the kinds that mash up genres. He has the temerity to call himself an author and it working on funding his first novel, Sveidsdottir, a Norse fantasy mashed up with giant stompy dwarven automatons and the skeletons of dead giants. Oh, and inclusive as all get out. Tracy got his start writing tabletop RPGs, and has published two of his own. Tracy thinks that typing about himself in the third person is weird as fuck.

Mythological Manipulation

I love mythology. I mean, would-take-it-as-a-second-wife-because-of-course-Mythology-is-female-what-are-you-on-about-yes-this-is-what-I-look-like-without-pants-on.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with myths. From Greek legends to fairy tales. Love it all. And I love it the most when people cleverly take mythology and weave it into a story. There’s something divine (PUNS!) about seeing that done. In my current project, I hope to do just that.
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MOVIE REVIEW: Clash of the Titans (2010)

REVIEW SUMMARY: A remake so bad that it makes the middling original look like the work of a cinematic genius.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Perseus hunts the god Hades before he can unseat Zeus from Olympus.


PROS: Good rendering of Olympus, and yeah, the Kraken looks like something out of the Cthulhu mythos.

CONS: Dull script, lifeless direction, uninspired acting and routine action make this one of the dullest summer blockbusters in a long, long while.

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