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Rights to Ramez Naam’s SF Nanotech Thriller, NEXUS, sold to Paramount Pictures

Science fiction fans see so much poor original SciFi emerging from Hollywood that the standard rallying cry has become “Hey! Look to the pages of written science fiction!”

Sometimes Hollywood listens.

The screen rights for Ramez Naam’s science fiction nanotech thriller, Nexus, have been acquired by Paramount Pictures.

Nexus is a near-future thriller about an experimental nano-drug than can link human minds together. Such a powerful technology can be used for good and evil, as the young scientists protagonist learns when he becomes embroiled in international espionage.

For more insight into the ideas behind Nexus, check out Ramez’s guest post on The Science of Nexus and
Brenda Cooper’s interview with the author.

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[GUEST POST] Ramez Naam on The Science of “Nexus”

Ramez Naam is a professional technologist, and was involved in the development of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook. He was the CEO of Apex Nanotechnologies, a company involved in developing nanotechnology research software before returning to Microsoft. He holds a seat on the advisory board of the Institute for Accelerating Change, is a member of the World Future Society, a Senior Associate of the Foresight Institute, and is a fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. He is the recipient of the 2005 HG Wells Award for Contributions to Transhumanism, awarded by the World Transhumanist Association. Nexus, his first novel, is available in trade paperback the US and Canada on December 18th and in ebook format worldwide on the same day. It will be published in paperback in the UK on January 3rd.

The Science of “NEXUS” by Ramez Naam

Nexus is a work of fiction. But to the best of my abilities, the science described in the science fiction is fully accurate. While the idea of a technology like the Nexus drug that allows people to communicate mind-to-mind may seem far-fetched, precursors of that technology are here today.
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REVIEW: Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

REVIEW SUMMARY: Scalzi takes you on a speculative ride that is fast and rewarding.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: The far future: Man has colonized the stars. And they’re hostile. Our solution: Fight back and fight first. Our recruits: Grandma and Grandpa. But not how you knew them. New and improved, like you’ve never seen or imagined.


PROS: Dialogue, humor, imaginative and well-used technology.

CONS: Lack of detail and jumps in time

BOTTOM LINE: Scalzi’s imagination and military prowess are superb, while working in a touching story that leaves you satisfied. And don’t worry…there is no Viagra.

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