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GUEST REVIEW: Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman

[SF Signal welcomes the return of guest reviewer Jason Sanford!]

REVIEW SUMMARY: A short but good story which the book’s target audience will love.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: The lame son of a Viking woodcrafter quests for an end to an endless winter. To his surprise, he discovers a trio of talking animals, who claim to be Odin, Thor, and Loki of the Norse legends. The only problem, they’ve been thrown out of Asgard, and if they don’t return the world dies in cold and snow.


PROS: A fun, quick read. Kids will love the story, while adult readers of Gaiman’s earlier works will enjoy the return of some familiar mythological characters.

CONS: The story is only novelette length, but the hardback book costs an outrageous $14.99. Way too much money for what is a good but not great story.

BOTTOM LINE: Anyone who likes Gaiman’s stories will like this story. But consider waiting for the paperback edition, or buy the cheaper Kindle edition.

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